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Sugar Lace Butterflies - $19.95

20.74K Views7 Comments Reviews

Learn to make these elegant sugar butterflies with an intricate lace design on the wings.


1.08K Views0 Comments Reviews

Learn some simple ideas to create chocolate decorations that can be used in many different ways!

3D Christmas Candle Cake - $34.95

5.12K Views0 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a large 3D Christmas Candle Cake

Introduction to Isomalt - $24.95

11.84K Views4 Comments Reviews

In this tutorial, Serdar will give you a thorough introduction to everything Isomalt and how to get started with it.

Halloween Pumpkins Cake - $34.95

11.23K Views15 Comments Reviews

Learn to make a two tier cake with a couple of scary jack-o'-lantern pumpkins for Halloween. There's even a light inside just like a real jack-o'-lantern!


1.16K Views3 Comments Reviews

Pop Up Scenery Cakes are a great option for those on a budget

Fondant Calculator

15.67K Views21 Comments Reviews

Use this tool to calculate how much fondant you need (by weight), to coat a specific sized cake at a desired thickness. The calculator will also let you know...

3D Champagne Bottle Ice Bucket Cake - $29.95

32.79K Views30 Comments Reviews

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a cake that is a champagne bottle in an ice bucket. This tutorial covers a number of different tips & tricks to achieve realistic results as Yener discusses isomalt, edible printing and ornamental piping techniques.


1.06K Views0 Comments Reviews

Learn a simple inscription style that is easy and fun!

How to Cover a Cake with Edible Gold Leaf Sheets - $9.95

8.82K Views6 Comments Reviews

Learn how to cover a cake's surface with edible gold leaf sheets.

Finalist for Best Learning Experience Award 2015

1.80K Views8 Comments Reviews

We wanted to send out a big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us and nominating us for the Best Learning Experience Award at the 2015 Cake Masters Magazine Awards in Birmingham, UK.

International Cake Show Australia 2017

16.98K Views0 Comments Reviews

We will be at the International Cake Show Australia in Brisbane this year!

3D Sedan Car Cake Ford Mustang Shelby - $44.95

39.33K Views13 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a 3D 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 car cake.


2.99K Views0 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make your own home made cutters!

How to Roll Fondant

9.15K Views8 Comments Reviews

Learn a couple different ways to roll out fondant.

3D Swordfish Cake - $24.95

9.35K Views5 Comments Reviews

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a 3D Swordfish Cake.

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