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Climbing Floral Arrangement Technique - $24.95

23.60K Views14 Comments Reviews

In this tutorial, Serdar shows you his special way to decorate a tiered cake with a climbing arrangement of flowers.

360° View Slider

2.40K Views4 Comments Reviews

New 360° view slider!

Sugar Sand Castle Topper - $24.95

10.18K Views7 Comments Reviews

Learn how to create a sand castle topper along with side walls that can wrap around a tiered cake.

Santas in Town Christmas Cake - $34.95

33.97K Views19 Comments Reviews

Create this classic Christmas scene cake of Santa flying on his sleigh through the clouds over a lit up town on a Christmas evening.

Assembling and Decorating the Butterfly Paradise Wedding Cake

28.47K Views29 Comments Reviews

Join Serdar as he takes you behind the scenes and shows you the steps to assemble and decorate a real 5 tier wedding cake called Butterfly Paradise.

Tiered Single Pillar Construction - $14.95

8.97K Views2 Comments Reviews

Learn how to create a construction for a 3 tier cake with a single pillar in the center.

Creating Calligraphic Initials on a Sugar Plaque - $14.95

11.50K Views1 Comments Reviews

Learn how to use calligraphy techniques to create an inscription for a cake.

A Short Documentary About Serdar Yener

3.63K Views4 Comments Reviews

Thank you to Heather Hayward who came in to Yeners Way to shoot a short documentary about Serdar Yener for ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Chef S...

How to Make a 3D Book Cake

33.82K Views18 Comments Reviews

Learn how to easily make a cake into a book shape and decorate it with flowers. In this free tutorial, Serdar will show you his simple method of creating a 3D Book Cake decorated with a bouquet of roses and an inscription.

Sugar Lattice Gazebo - $24.95

18.02K Views18 Comments Reviews

In this tutorial, Serdar will show you a special technique to make a gazebo with lattice walls.

Piping Vertical Lace Patterns Around a Cake - $14.95

45.53K Views18 Comments Reviews

Learn how to pipe lace patterns effectively on the vertical surfaces around the cake.

Finalist for Best Learning Experience Award 2015

1.82K Views8 Comments Reviews

We wanted to send out a big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us and nominating us for the Best Learning Experience Award at the 2015 Cake Masters Magazine Awards in Birmingham, UK.

Combination Guide for Layered Cakes

16.28K Views19 Comments Reviews

This chart can be used to provide inspiration, ideas and guidance on how to combine different flavours and textures for a layered cake.

Halloween Pumpkins Cake - $34.95

11.53K Views16 Comments Reviews

Learn to make a two tier cake with a couple of scary jack-o'-lantern pumpkins for Halloween. There's even a light inside just like a real jack-o'-lantern!

Dragon and Phoenix Cake - $39.95

34.64K Views45 Comments Reviews

Learn how to decorate a cake with an oriental style dragon and phoenix from modelling chocolate, as well as a Chinese Double Happiness symbol topper.

Sugar Swans and Seashell Carriage - $34.95

49.12K Views19 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a sugar centrepiece (or topper) of four swans pulling a seashell carriage.

Edible Gold Leaf Sheets Calculator

4.57K Views2 Comments Reviews

How to Cover a Cake with Edible Gold Leaf Sheets - $9.95

8.95K Views6 Comments Reviews

Learn how to cover a cake's surface with edible gold leaf sheets.

Intertwined Initials Topper - $29.95

14.72K Views42 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a wedding cake topper using an elegant feminine letter for the bride which is intertwined around a bold masculine letter for the groom.

How to Indent a Quilt Pattern on a Cake - $9.95

8.84K Views2 Comments Reviews

Learn how to indent a cake with an even quilt pattern.

3D Grand Piano Cake - $39.95

26.20K Views30 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a realistic 3D grand piano cake in this detailed tutorial.

Internal Construction for Heavy Tiered Cakes - $14.95

11.17K Views18 Comments Reviews

Learn how to create an internal construction for heavy and tall tiered cakes.

Shape Cut Abstract Chocolate Centrepiece - $19.95

5.78K Views6 Comments Reviews

In this tutorial you will learn how to create abstract centrepieces cake toppers using flat shapes cut from chocolate.

Sugar Lace Butterflies - $19.95

21.37K Views8 Comments Reviews

Learn to make these elegant sugar butterflies with an intricate lace design on the wings.

Eiffel Tower Cake Topper - $29.95

25.48K Views36 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make an sugar Eiffel Tower Cake Topper with highly accurate proportions!

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