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3D Acoustic Guitar Cake - $34.95

35.38K Views39 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a 3D acoustic guitar cake!

Christmas Tree Centrepiece

8.82K Views1 Comments Reviews

Serdar Yener shows how to decorate a Christmas tree centrepiece.

4 Pillar Stand - $14.95

6.38K Views3 Comments Reviews

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make internal stand with 4 pillars that can be used for a 2 tier birthday or wedding cake.

Easy Fondant Roses - $19.95

21.21K Views23 Comments Reviews

Learn a super quick and easy way to make beautiful, simple fondant roses that look realistic and elegant. Once mastered, this method will allow you to make a fondant rose in less than 2 minutes!

Simple Beach & Surf Cake

12.78K Views8 Comments Reviews

Learn how to decorate a simple beach theme cake in this Simple Beach and Surf Cake tutorial. Chef Yener will show you easy ways to create a surfboard, seashe...

Roman Pillars and Drapes Wedding Cake - $29.95

9.39K Views8 Comments Reviews

An elegant wedding cake with a Roman or Greek theme. This tutorial will focus on how to decorate the pillars and how to create the fondant drapes around the cake.

Free Frozen Elsa Cake Tutorial

49.02K Views42 Comments Reviews

A FREE tutorial on how to make a cake of Elsa from Frozen.

Free 3D Emmet Cake Tutorial

18.59K Views18 Comments Reviews

A Free tutorial on how to make a 3D Emmet cake from Lego Movie.

Making of the Gold Coast Skyline Cake

14.42K Views17 Comments Reviews

Last year, Serdar Yener made a birthday cake of the Gold Coast city's skyline. Some iconic landmarks and attractions from the Gold Coast in Queensland Austra...

Valentines Bed Cake - $29.95

12.45K Views6 Comments Reviews

Celebrate love for Valentines day and learn how to make a bed cake with a beautiful chesterfield vintage design.

Chocolate Margarine Horse Sculpture - $24.95

12.21K Views20 Comments Reviews

Watch Chef Yener create this realistic running horse sculpture with margarine that has been modified to look like chocolate.

3D Fishing Boat Cake - $39.95

19.11K Views13 Comments Reviews

Learn to make a 3D fishing boat cake.

3D Name Cake - $29.95

10.04K Views9 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a cake with someones name in a graffiti style of overlapping block letters and how to give it a 3D effect.

How to Shape and Stack a Mad Hatter Cake - $19.95

16.94K Views6 Comments Reviews

Learn a couple of different methods on how to make a mad hatter cake ready for decoration.

Chocolate Easter Bunny Centrepiece - $24.95

6.26K Views12 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make this cool Easter rabbit sitting on a tropical island, all out of chocolate.

Easy Isomalt Rose - $14.95

14.16K Views13 Comments Reviews

In this tutorial you will learn how to make an elegant rose using Isomalt.

Underwater Scene Cake with Seahorse Couple Topper - $34.95

32.45K Views19 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a cake topper of a couple of seahorses in love and decorate a cake with an underwater theme.

List of Cake Decorating Tools & Materials

55.26K Views0 Comments Reviews

This is a list of tools and materials that Serdar Yener uses to decorate cakes. We will be adding more tools and materials to this list over time.Please note...

Piped Chocolate Goldfish Centrepiece - $24.95

8.23K Views15 Comments Reviews

Learn how to create a chocolate centrepiece with piped chocolate.

Eiffel Tower Cake Topper - $29.95

25.33K Views34 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make an sugar Eiffel Tower Cake Topper with highly accurate proportions!

Sugar Lace Butterflies - $19.95

21.26K Views7 Comments Reviews

Learn to make these elegant sugar butterflies with an intricate lace design on the wings.

Shape Cut Abstract Chocolate Centrepiece - $19.95

5.77K Views6 Comments Reviews

In this tutorial you will learn how to create abstract centrepieces cake toppers using flat shapes cut from chocolate.

Internal Construction for Heavy Tiered Cakes - $14.95

11.15K Views18 Comments Reviews

Learn how to create an internal construction for heavy and tall tiered cakes.

3D Grand Piano Cake - $39.95

26.08K Views29 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a realistic 3D grand piano cake in this detailed tutorial.

How to Indent a Quilt Pattern on a Cake - $9.95

8.82K Views2 Comments Reviews

Learn how to indent a cake with an even quilt pattern.

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