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Colourful 3D Teddy Bear Cake - $14.98 (50% Off!)

6.73K Views5 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a Colourful 3D Teddy Bear cake.

3D Digger Cake - $19.98 (50% Off!)

56.11K Views62 Comments Reviews

You'll be moving cake crumbs in no time with this 3D Digger Cake tutorial.


2.44K Views2 Comments Reviews

Learn an easy and effective way to make chocolate lattice work.

Free 3D Emmet Cake Tutorial

17.35K Views18 Comments Reviews

A Free tutorial on how to make a 3D Emmet cake from Lego Movie.

Simple EXPLODING CAKE Tutorial with Hearts and Stars

1.52K Views0 Comments Reviews

Learn how to decorate a cake with exploding hearts and stars.

3D Puppy Dog in a Basket Cake - $17.48 (50% Off!)

26.94K Views15 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a cake of a cute puppy dog sitting in a basket.

3D WHEEL CAKE Tutorial

3.97K Views4 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a realistic 3D Tire Cake!

How to Roll Fondant

8.34K Views5 Comments Reviews

Learn a couple different ways to roll out fondant.

3D Christmas Candle Cake - $17.48 (50% Off!)

2.72K Views0 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a large 3D Christmas Candle Cake

Classic Convertible Car Cake - $19.98 (50% Off!)

34.76K Views20 Comments Reviews

Learn how to create this classic convertible 1960 MGA Roadster out of cake.

American Cake Decorating Magazine: Interview with Serdar Yener

1.94K Views0 Comments Reviews

Great news! Serdar was recently interviewed by American Cake Decorating Magazine! If you don't get a chance to grab a printed copy of the August 2016 issue, ...

3D Fishing Boat Cake - $19.98 (50% Off!)

16.52K Views13 Comments Reviews

Learn to make a 3D fishing boat cake.


1.89K Views1 Comments Reviews

Learn how to create stamps from carrots and use them to decorate a cakes surface.

3D Formula One Racing Car Cake - $22.48 (50% Off!)

5.71K Views4 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a 3D Formula One racing car cake.

Roman Pillars and Drapes Wedding Cake - $14.98 (50% Off!)

8.39K Views8 Comments Reviews

An elegant wedding cake with a Roman or Greek theme. This tutorial will focus on how to decorate the pillars and how to create the fondant drapes around the cake.

Easy CAR SEAT LEVELLER to Safely Transport Cakes

1.83K Views3 Comments Reviews

Learn a quick and easy way to keep your cakes level in a car for safe transport.


2.09K Views0 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a gazebo cake topper with pastillage.

Sugar SEVERED HAND Halloween Cake

2.40K Views2 Comments Reviews

Learn how to model a severed bloody hand for a simple Halloween cake.

Baroque Style Wedding Cake - $22.48 (50% Off!)

15.35K Views10 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a Baroque style wedding Cake.

Christmas Tree Centrepiece

8.31K Views1 Comments Reviews

Serdar Yener shows how to decorate a Christmas tree centrepiece.

Assembling and Decorating the Butterfly Paradise Wedding Cake

26.57K Views29 Comments Reviews

Join Serdar as he takes you behind the scenes and shows you the steps to assemble and decorate a real 5 tier wedding cake called Butterfly Paradise.

Fondant Calculator

13.80K Views21 Comments Reviews

Use this tool to calculate how much fondant you need (by weight), to coat a specific sized cake at a desired thickness. The calculator will also let you know...

Funny Couple Figurines - $22.48 (50% Off!)

10.31K Views13 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make funny couple figurines to be used as cake toppers.

Mastering Inscriptions Volume One - $14.98 (50% Off!)

13.24K Views11 Comments Reviews

This tutorial will cover the fundamentals of piping and writing inscriptions on cakes.

Isomalt Fruit Basket - $17.48 (50% Off!)

6.11K Views3 Comments Reviews

Learn how to use Isomalt to make a fruit basket fill with colourful fruits.

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