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How to Make an INSTANT PORTABLE FRIDGE for Cake Deliveries

5.64K Views11 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make an instant cake fridge to keep your cake cool during deliveries.

Pastillage Indian Elephant – LIVE Demonstration

416 Views0 Comments Reviews

Hey everyone! Serdar did a live demonstration for Incredible India Cake Magazine Facebook Group on Sunday 7th of June 2020. The live demonstration can vi...

Free Cake Sizing Guide

14.30K Views13 Comments Reviews

Being in the cake business for years, we have developed several different systems to make our lives easier in terms of how our business functions. A common i...

3D Tiger Cake

46.17K Views34 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a realistic 3D Tiger Cake.

Cake Central Interview with Serdar Yener

5.96K Views2 Comments Reviews

Serdar Yener was interviewed by Cake Central about his wedding cake inspired by Bernini's Louis XIV bust.

Genie in a Lamp Centrepiece

13.19K Views11 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a gravity defying centrepiece of a Genie coming out of a lamp.

5 Sugar Flowers with DIY Cutters

29.91K Views12 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make 5 different types of flowers out of sugar by using 'do it yourself' cutters made from scratch.

Engagement Ring Cake Design using Cakenote

349 Views0 Comments Reviews

Learn how to add your own images into Cakenote cake designing software.

How to Mask a Cake

19.03K Views13 Comments Reviews

Learn a couple simple methods to mask a cake with ganache.

Sugar Lace Butterflies

23.75K Views8 Comments Reviews

Learn to make these elegant sugar butterflies with an intricate lace design on the wings.

Chocolate Margarine Horse Sculpture

13.05K Views22 Comments Reviews

Watch Chef Yener create this realistic running horse sculpture with margarine that has been modified to look like chocolate.

Space Themed Fondant Scenery Cake

16.37K Views11 Comments Reviews

Learn how to decorate a cake in a space theme.

Prancing Horse in the Woods Cake

12.22K Views3 Comments Reviews

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a landscape cake decorated with a tree and a prancing horse.

Yeners Sliced Fondant Pattern Technique

17.64K Views11 Comments Reviews

Learn a special technique to create fondant patterns on the surface of a cake.

Igloo and Penguins Cake Tutorial

637 Views2 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a 3D Igloo Cake and decorate it with some penguins.

How to Cover a Cake Board with Fabric

43.13K Views17 Comments Reviews

Learn how to cover a cake board with fabric or material. What's shown in this tutorial should work for just about every type of fabric as well as square or r...

Piping Vertical Lace Patterns Around a Cake

47.26K Views18 Comments Reviews

Learn how to pipe lace patterns effectively on the vertical surfaces around the cake.

Croquembouche Calculator Tool

6.46K Views6 Comments Reviews

Select the number of profiteroles you would like for your croquembouche and this tool will let you know you how much choux pastry, custard filling, jam coati...

Tutorial Playback Speed

1.60K Views1 Comments Reviews

Learn how to change the playback speed of our tutorials.

21st Birthday Gates Cake

16.21K Views8 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a cake for a 21st Birthday with a detailed topper of some gates and a key.

How to Indent a Quilt Pattern on a Cake

9.49K Views2 Comments Reviews

Learn how to indent a cake with an even quilt pattern.

Chocolate Easter Bunny Centrepiece

6.76K Views12 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make this cool Easter rabbit sitting on a tropical island, all out of chocolate.

How to COAT Square or Rectangle Shaped Cakes

556 Views0 Comments Reviews

Learn how Serdar coats a square or rectangle shaped cake with fondant.

Karate Girl Cake

8.17K Views2 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a sugar cake topper of a human figurine in a Karate kicking pose.

Colourful 3D Teddy Bear Cake

13.38K Views5 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a Colourful 3D Teddy Bear cake.

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