5 Sugar Flowers with DIY Cutters

Learn how to make 5 different types of flowers out of sugar by using ‘do it yourself’ cutters made from scratch.

In this tutorial, Serdar shows you how to make your very own customised ‘do-it-yourself’ cutters using something that can be found in your pantry. Specifically, the tutorial will demonstrate how to make cutters for a Frangipani, Gerbera, Hibiscus, Cymbidium Orchid and Phalaenopsis Orchid, but of course you can use the same method to make cutters for any flower. You could also use the technique to make cutters for other things besides flowers. Serdar also shows you how he alters his pastilage recipe to make his own flower modelling paste.

Downloadable Course Material

If you would like to approximately match the size of the artwork in the tutorial, print the downloadable files at 100% size. If you require your artwork to be smaller or larger, just adjust the print size accordingly.
5 Sugar Flowers with DIY Cutters Course Material
This PDF document contains templates for the flower cutters and a guide for the stems.

Tools & Materials
Recipes & Ingredients
Making the Cutters
Making the Modelling Paste
Preparing to Make the Flowers
Making the Frangipani
Making the Gerbera
Making the Phalaenopsis Orchid
Making the Cymbidium Orchid
Making the Hibiscus
Making the Stems
Attaching the Stems
Airbrushing, Painting & Final Touches
Final Thoughts
Total Duration

While not everything on this list is absolutely required, these are the things used in this tutorial video. Of course you are welcome to find alternative ways of doing things and we would love to hear if you've discovered an easier method or better tool to achieve good results. Please note that some items may be listed as sets, and it is usually recommended to have full sets, it may not be neccessary. In most cases, only one item from a set is actually used in the tutorial. Please watch the tutorial before purchasing any items to make sure you are not buying anything you don't need.
Tools & Materials
Heavy Duty Scissors
Basic Stationary
Pencil, eraser, ruler, sharpener etc.
Small Flathead Screwdriver
Can Opener
2 x A4 Size Clear Flat Trays
Preferably Perspex but can be glass as well.
Set of Scissors Shop Online
Skewers Shop Online
Marker Pen
Set of Pliers Shop Online
Needle Nose
Large Deep Baking Tray
Powder Shaker Shop Online
Preferably with small holes.
Rolling Pins Shop Online
Preferably with no scratches or dents.
Modelling Tools Shop Online
Minimum of 8 pieces recommended.
Hand Towels
Ensure fibers are not loose.
Small Brush in Egg White
Dry Palm Leave
Or line texture silicon mould
Large Flat Foam/Sponge Pad
Pasta Machine
Secret Item
Please watch tutorial.
Fresh flowers or silk flowers

Templates are provided for the 5 flowers in the tutorial but if you want to make a different flower than the 5 that are in the tutorial, please source your own fresh flower or silk flower.

Cellophane Shop Online
Plastic Wrap Shop Online
Plastic Bag
Preferably Sealable
10cm x 10cm
3mm Craft Wire
Green Flower Tape
Gel Food Colours Shop Online
Red, forest green, light yellow, yellow
Recipes & Ingredients
Corn Starch Wikipedia

A lot.

Corn starch, cornstarch, cornflour or maize starch or maize is the starch derived from the corn (maize) grain. The starch is obtained from the endosperm of the corn kernel. Corn starch is a popular food ingredient used in thickening sauces or soups, and is used in making corn syrup and other sugars.
Yeners Flower Paste

500g - Pastillage
4g (1tsp) - Gelatine
8g (2tsp) - Water
1.5g (1/2tsp) - Tylose

Royal icing is a hard white icing, made from egg white and icing sugar (mix or pure). A little addition of an acidic substance like lemon juice, citric acid or cream of tartar, the texture of the icing can be improved....[read more]


  • Wonderful tutorial! I have also used corn meal for “pollen” rather than cutting tiny tiny pieces for use on stamens. Attached by same method shown.

  • Awesome tutorial! Thank you! 🙂

  • Hello Chef, I am amazed at the level of details and techniques, definitely you are a Master. I am so glad I subscribed to your tutorials. Thank you so much.

  • Love to learn new techniques from you. Great to know we can prepare our own cutters so easily…. as often we want to make a one off flower and it is not worthwhile to purchase cutters. This would also give us the opportunity to make any size of flower we want, and not just be limited by bought cutters. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Kind regards.

  • Thank you chef, I really like the idea of using melted pastillage as glue and the chopped pastillage as pollen on the Hibiscus is so life like….genius!

  • thank you for a very interesting tutorial. i have learnt some very cleaver ideas

  • Hello chef, thank you for sharing your techniques with us. Flowers are the most difficult part for me and you’ve made it so elegantly simple though making 100s for wedding looking at every detail would be tiresome but at the end fruitful. Chef if we do not have a pasta machine can we just roll into thin sheets? Secondly maybe I didn’t hear you well, do we have to insert these wired stem into a straw for hygiene purpose or can we just insert it directly into a cake? We don’t get flower tapes in our country , what else can we use? You’re my inspiration chef and I’m learning a lot from you in every tutorial and through that I’ve brought my business upto the next level and have signed up again with you. God bless!!

  • So, So excited, cannot wait to learn and to watch how Yerner does his magic :)))))

  • Can’t Wait to see these classes

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