Sugar SEVERED HAND Halloween Cake


Learn how to model a severed bloody hand for a simple Halloween cake.

In this Yeners Cake Tip, I’ve got another idea for Halloween. I show you how to model a severed hand from gum paste and decorate a cake with it along side some royal icing blood. This tutorial is not only good for Halloween but a good starting point for how to model a hand in general.


  • this was good fun to make with my grandsons although wasnt as smooth as your as I always have the same problem with modelling/gum paste ie it cracks n breaks, ive tried adding water and using oil on my hands but always end up with the same result (cracking) anyway we had fun and I told them it was a zombie hand thats why the skin was cracking lol

  • will deff be giving this a go its so effective and brilliant, thank you. cant bring myself to watch the spider one and doubt very much that even if I could bring myself to watch it that I could make it, spiders and I hmmm lets just say I cant cope with them lol

  • such fun,and a lovely surprise for hubby when he came home to severed hands

  • wow Great tutorial, thank you

  • Great tutorial, as always! I love how you did the knuckles, but especially the fingernails 🙂
    Thank you!

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more like a zombie hand when i made it but grandsons loved it