Learn how to make a sugar palm tree which can be used for any beach or tropical themed cake.

In this weeks tip, I will show how to make a sugar palm tree. This is a continuation of last weeks beach texture tutorial and will be a nice addition to any beach or tropical themed cake.


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Downloadable Course Material

If you would like to approximately match the size of the artwork in the tutorial, print the downloadable files at 100% size. If you require your artwork to be smaller or larger, just adjust the print size accordingly.
Sugar Palm Tree Course Material
This PDF document contains templates and guides to help you with this tutorial.
While not everything on this list is absolutely required, these are the things used in this tutorial video. Of course you are welcome to find alternative ways of doing things and we would love to hear if you've discovered an easier method or better tool to achieve good results. Please note that some items may be listed as sets, and it is usually recommended to have full sets, it may not be neccessary. In most cases, only one item from a set is actually used in the tutorial. Please watch the tutorial before purchasing any items to make sure you are not buying anything you don't need.
Tools & Materials
Rolling Pins Shop Online
Preferably with no scratches or dents.
Oil Cooking Spray Shop Online
Colour should be as light as possible to prevent discolouration in the fondant or pastillage.
Threaded Rod (10mm) Shop Online
for marking lines
Threaded rod with 10mm diametre (also known as M10).
Egg white
for gluing dry leaves to the centre dome
Pizza Cutter Shop Online
Preferably large, stable and sharp.
Water Spray Bottle
Recipes & Ingredients

150g Forest Green
100g Medium Brown

A thick sugar paste, similar to gum paste, that can be molded into different shapes and forms. When dried, it is hard and brittle. Unlike gum paste, pastillage dries much quicker and stronger. Made with gelatine, water...[read more]

Egg white

for gluing

Dark Chocolate (Compound) Wikipedia

for gluing the tree to the cake

Compound chocolate is a product made from a combination of cocoa, vegetable fat, and sweeteners. It is used as a lower-cost alternative to true chocolate, as it uses less-expensive hard vegetable fats such as coconut oil or palm kernel oil in place of the more expensive cocoa butter. It may also be known as 'compound coating' or 'chocolatey coating' when used as a coating for candy.


  1. Deirdre Kettle says:

    was very impressed with myself making the leaves and trunk of the tree but when it came to putting it together it was a disaster, the Irish dont seem to have the magic ingredient in the Australian water that makes things stick lol, the leaves started dropping off, so tried edible glue which dissolves things and makes them gloppy, tried royal icing but the same thing as soon as i tried to lift it the leaves would either drop off if they had not snapped in half already prior to even being lifted. We dont seem to be able to get pastillage in Ireland so had to resort to modelling paste which is firmer and dries quicker than fondant, but still didn’t work. was wondering if i add tylos to the paste would this help strengthen the paste and set it harder and quicker ??????? and is there anything else i can use as glue?????? I didnt roll the leaves too thin to prevent breakage (but not too thick either) was this the right thing to do?? all part of the learning process I guess but dont know what to try next.

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Pastillage is the only paste for this kind of palm. Roll the pastillage thick to thin and do not cut too deep. The ultimate solution is to use wires in the centre of the leaves just like wired flowers.

      1. Deirdre Kettle says:

        thank you not only for this tutorial but the one on how to make Pastillage as I managed to make, it was a bit crumbly but followed the advice on the how to handle pastillage and got there in the end, not perfect but most of it it held together for the party. thank you for the support, ideas, solutions and most of all the inspiration which gives us confidence to try and while my tree wasn’t perfect its given me the confidence to try again and learn from my mistakes.

  2. Deirdre Kettle says:

    Thank you This is perfect I need 3 smaller palm trees for around the edge of my grandsons sonic the hedgehog birthday cake. I got some cheap white fondant I use to practice with and followed your tutorial, of course it wasn`t hardened or anything it was just to give me an idea if I could do a good enough job for his cake and it turned out pretty good, will post a photo when I make the real thing.
    could I just as a wee question if you dont mind, would modelling paste stick to the sides of a swiss meringue butter cream cake or would I have to cover it in fondant which I would prefer not to do unless I have to?????????????

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Yes, you can do that. Modelling paste is similar to Fondant if you feel it is firmer you can add a little water. Thanks

      1. Deirdre Kettle says:

        thank you for the reply, very much appreciated

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