Quick and Easy Piping Cones for Cake Decorating

A quick and easy method to make piping cones for cake decorating.

In this Yeners Cake Tip, I show you my way of making super easy piping cones that can be used for chocolate, royal icing, buttercream etc. After trying many other things, this is the best way I come across and I have used this method for years. If you’ve watched my tutorials, you have probably already seen this but for anyone who is new to Yeners Way, you may find this tip helpful.



  • Can be prepared in advance and stored for as long as needed
  • Transparent so that you can quickly see what’s inside
  • Able to be microwaved to reheat chocolate
  • Disposable so you don’t need to cleaning
  • Tip can be cut to any size
  • Easily accessible online and very low cost


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