How to PREVENT CONDENSATION on Fondant Coated Cakes


A quick tip to help prevent condensation on the fondant surface after coating a cold cake.

I always coat cakes with fondant straight after removing them from the fridge, because the ganache/buttercream is set harder, and makes it easier to coat and work with. The downside of this is that because the cake is cold, it starts to get wet due to condensation, and this can cause many problems when decorating the cake.

So today I want to share with you, an easy and practical way to help prevent condensation on the fondant surface after coating cold cakes, which is especially useful in humid countries.

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  • Margaret fulton

    Thank you for all your helpful videos. My question is. Can I refrigerate a cake after it has been covered and decorated, or will this cause the colours to bleed

  • Should the fondant cake be covered in the fridge too or I can leave it as it is and cover it once it comes out

  • This is a wonderful video thank you. I am definitely going to try this for my next cake. Would this also prevent air bubbles forming. – those pesky bubbles that form overnight despite everything one has done to prevent it?

    • Serdar Yener

      It will not prevent bubbles problem but they start appearing not too long after so lift the pot short while and remove them by pinning and pushing because the surface is still dry and touchable. Cover the cake right after and wait till temperature is equal.

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