Learn how to perfectly mask a cake to prepare it for a flawless fondant coating.

I’ve always said that your fondant coating can only be as good as your ganache (or buttercream) masking. Today I am going to show a simple technique that allows for a near perfect masking that is ready to be coated with fondant. I used this method 1000’s of times and it never fails me.

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  • Where do you find the chocolate in the Rice Cooker tutorial?

    • Serdar Yener

      Sorry I was expecting this question. It is will be this weekend. We just mix up the Que. It is very simple
      take a simple cheep rice cooker
      use COOK adjustment to boil 2 fingers high water instead Rice
      bring to WARM adjustment and place a bowl of chocolate over the water ( not touching)
      that is it. Chocolate stay melted up to 60 C which is not good for couverture but for the compound is okay.

  • excellent!!! Thank you for the tips.

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