How to Make Simple CHOCOLATE FLOWERS Tutorial


Learn how to make simple chocolate flowers.

In this Yeners Cake Tip, I will show you my quick and easy way of making simple chocolate flowers with a special technique using eggs. Of course, you can use dark, white or milk chocolate with these flowers. Hope you like them!


  • Hello Mr. Yener. What type of chocollate do you use for this? Do you add anything to it to get it to melt smoothly. I haven’t bveen able to get my chocolate to flow s moothly and easily coat the eggs. Your videos are wonderful. You ae very generous with sharing your knowledge.

    • I use Nestle Snowcap. Any other white quality compound chocolate will work. If the chocolate does not melt runny and smooth enough, you have to use another brand.

  • this was the very first tutorial i every watch of yours and it totally inspired me, ive made this a couple of times its so pretty and looks great as a center piece on a cake. since then I have watched so many of your tutorial as I am grand at the baking part but was never great at decorating. thank you for the hints and tips but believe me I still have a very long way to go lol so thank you for all you hints and tips, the hard part is finding the right ingredients as quite a lot are not available in Ireland, amazon I can get most but when I cant find a substitute or the substitute you suggest its hard to know what else to look for so it can be a bit frustrating. but many thanks to you for giving us all your time

  • So beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and technics.

  • Its perfect! Simple and beautiful! Thank you very much,
    it’s wonderful idea!!!

  • Hello Mr. Yener : I watch your tutorials every night, sometimes over and over, so I will get your instructions clearly . I enjoy them all and have learned so much from you. I’ve taken up cake decorating as something to do now I am retired and it is very relaxing.. and my friends benefit from the cakes I make. Keep making your tutorials, as I know I am not alone. I do have a problem with my fondant flowers not setting.. they look great when I assemble them, but don’t seem to set up so I can pick them up , they sometimes fall apart. What am I doing wrong.? Could use your advice. Thank You, Joanne Rago , West Frankfort Illinois.

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