Learn how to create decorations in any shape or form, that defy gravity!

Sometimes, when creating decorations, we need to use some sort of holders to dry things in the shape that we want. For example, we can create a dome shape using a bowl.

There are some products on the market for this purpose and or course, we can look around and find some useful things around the kitchen or home. In both case we are very much depending to what we can buy or what we can find. If our task is something unusual, then we are stuck and trying to improvise and be innovative under pressure not so easy.

Today I would like to share a simple idea, which I’ve always relied on and has always worked for me, especially if I have to do something that has an odd shape or something that needs to defy gravity. This technique can be used to create just about any shape or form you desire. I have used it to create sails for ships, dragons, snakes etc.


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