Learn how to make a sugar gold fish.

Since I started sharing some simple cake decorating tips with you, I haven’t shown you any figurines yet so in this weeks cake tip I will show you how to make a sugar gold fish. Also, a fish is a fish so using the same techniques with some small changes you can do other types of fish quite easily as well.

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  • Hi Serdar, I was just looking for a nice fish tutorial and of course I was finding something special again here in your blog. Could you be so kind and answer to my question. I don’t have an airbrush. So how can I get the orange effect on my fish?
    I hope you are all healthy in this difficult times and you had a good start to the year of 2022.
    Thanks in advance and nice greetings from Austria

  • Bin ein großer Fan von Serdar Yener. Habe den Fisch einfach zum Spaß aus Rest Modellierfondant gefertigt ,es geht auch . Pastilag ist einfacher und schöner. Danke für deine tollen Videos. Sogar ich kann es Sprachlich Verstehen

  • Love this can you use modling paste to make this?

  • Fantastic! At first when you see this fish, you think it will be very difficult. But not on Yener’s Way! You make everything easy! Thanks again!

  • Hi,
    I was amazed to see how easy this fish was to make. Often you see projects online and not enough information given to create it. I love the idea of using the tools you have at home verses buying the expensive tools. thanks for the information and I am happy I stumbled on your video. I look forward to seeing the updates on Tuesdays

    Julia from Ottawa, Canada

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