Learn an easy way to write any inscription, in any style, with no fear!

So we’ve coated and decorated our cake, and the time has come to write an inscription. This is where most of us will start to get butterflies in our tummies. We’ve spent so much time decorating our cake and we don’t want to ruin it with an ugly inscription.

In this weeks Yeners Cake Tip, I would like to demonstrate a very easy method to allow you to write just about any inscription, in any font, directly on the cake without any fear.

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  1. Deirdre Kettle says:

    genius what a great idea thank you writing on a cake is my worst nightmare this has made that so much easier

    1. Deirdre Kettle says:

      tried this on Italian meringue buttercream and the chocolate print wouldnt come off the acetate paper onto the frosting have you any advice I followed the instructions the only thing different was the acetate paper as opposed to the plastic sheet you used????

      1. Serdar Yener says:

        Place your inscription shortly in the fridge before turn over on the cake. Acetate is not flexible enough.

        1. Deirdre Kettle says:

          Appreciate you taking the time to respond to me so thank you for that, i did put it in the fridge. I had a second attempt this evening using the plastic pockets you used and this time attempted to put it onto modelling paste (made the scroll from your other tutorial for it) since it didnt stick to the butter cream, and the same result it would not come of the plastic sheet. Tomorrow night I will attempt to do it using cling film and a second try on greaseproof paper placing it onto a pastillage scroll and a fondant one. fingers crossed one of these attempts works as I need it for a friends cake at the week end.

          1. Deirdre Kettle says:

            tried again only this time sprayed the modelling paste instead as spraying the chocolate was turning it to mush, it came off the plastic sheet this time, thank you for your support it was very much appreciated, so relieved it worked as my cake writing is more like it is written by a spider at a disco lol.

  2. Grace Gose says:

    Hi Chef!
    I can’t seem to follow your instruction of doing SHIFT-CTRL-4 in order to highlight the text you want, and to put it in your desktop. I tried SHIFT-CTRL-4, SHIFT-CTRL-F4, SHIFT-ALT-4, and none would work.

    Thank you,

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      I will ask my son Serkan to answer your question.

    2. Lorie Anderson says:

      Grace; you should be able to: [1] click your LEFT mouse button at the beginning of the text or image (or both) that you want to copy. [2] While HOLDING the LEFT button, move the mouse over the area you wish to copy. {*Think of stretching a rubber band around the items you wish to copy.} Selected text will turn red, and most images will appear darker. [3] Release the Left Button, and move the cursor (arrow) back into a Red area, and click the RIGHT Mouse Button. All that was selected in now copied to your “ClipBoard” – which you cannot see yet. [4] Open a new document; place your cursor on the beginning of the page, and click your RIGHT Mouse Button. [5] A small menu list will appear and you will chose “Paste” to add the items from your “ClipBoard” to the new page. Note “Paste Special”, then “Unformatted Text” will paste ONLY the text you have chosen; even if you had copied text and images. -great for when you realize you don’t need all the pics you just copied. I know this can sound tricky, but with a bit of practice you will do great ! BTW; the information you copied onto your “ClipBoard” will stay there until you: copy new items, or close the program. Hope this helps, and have fun building your personal library of information !

      1. Lorie Anderson says:

        OOoopps ! I missed a step. After Step 3: “click the RIGHT Mouse Button” instructions should continue as: A small menu will pop up. Click on COPY.

  3. Jill cook says:

    Great tutorial.could you use Royal icing?

  4. Joanne Rago says:

    Hello, and Thank You so much for sharing all your tips and knowledge in Cake decorating. I’ve been so inspired to make some of the ideas you have shared with me , and especially the chocolate tulip topper in dark chocolate. I made that for a friend’s birthday cake and the people at the restaurant where we were meeting were so excited to see such a different kind of design on the cake. When I told them it was chocolate, they were so surprized and asked for my number. God Bless you Mr. Yener.

  5. Donato Lerna says:

    I apologize to you as a teacher but the spoken English does not know it well. I wanted to ask you what product sprays on the writing? Thanks so much

  6. Yiyita says:

    Hi chef
    Very interesting and helpful tutorial. It is absolutely true that writing on the cake is the most challenging part for any cake decorator.
    My question who l gonna transfer the reversed writing onto a real cake assuming is covered with a soft frosting such cream cheese, Italian meringue, etc.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Just place your cake in freezer few minutes to harden the surface or just be gentle when you placing and removing the plastic. Thanks

  7. Mars Rice says:

    Thank you very much for solving my dilemma in writing on the cakes. Your website is a very GREAT solution in building up more skills. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. God Bless.

  8. Fary says:

    Yener, Thanks a million for sharing this knowledge with us
    I‘ve always wanted to write like a Pro & you made it so easy!
    May God bless you & keep you inspired.. to inspire us more
    I Love you & your work. Just Amazing!

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