Beach Cake

This Beach Cake tutorial will show you how to decorate a 2 tier cake in a beach theme. This cake could be made as a simple wedding cake or birthday cake.

In this free tutorial, learn how to decorate a cake in a beach theme. You will learn how to make sea shells with and without a mould as well as starfish, a sandy texture and a neat technique to create branches (or sea weed).

While not everything on this list is absolutely required, these are the things used in this tutorial video. Of course you are welcome to find alternative ways of doing things and we would love to hear if you’ve discovered an easier method or better tool to achieve good results.

What you will need

  • Palette knife
  • Set of knives + plastic knife
  • Gloves
  • Small rolling pin
  • Round cutter (50mm diameter)
  • Corner modelling tool
  • Pen shell (no ink insert)
  • Dry & wet towels
  • Blue cake board
  • Rafia (sand colour)

Recipes & Ingredients

  • 75mm(H) x 150mm(diameter) Cake coated with fondant
  • 75mm(H) x 250mm(diameter) Cake coated with fondant
  • Almond dragees
  • Instant coffee powder
  • Royal Icing
  • Pastillage
  • Sugar coral
  • Water spray
  • Oil spray
  • White chocolate


  • Pictures of starfish and sea shells


  • Have a wet and dry hand towels to clean knives, blades and cutters regularly to consistently achieve clean cuts. Also be sure to clean the table with your wet towel, and than the dry towel each time you are about to roll out any pastillage. Use a bit of shortening or vegetable fat to prevent the pastillage from sticking to the table.
  • This is art, and no method or technique is set in stone. This is why we recommend you watch the entire tutorial first before you start gathering all the things in the list above. You may think of ways you might substitute tools or techniques with your own ideas.


  • really enjoyed making this cake, obviously not as good as yours but i have incorporated many of your other tutorials in it, making pastillage, coral from pastillage, decorations inc the scroll, easy script writing (onto scroll) this was because i didn’t want to risk putting the script onto meringue butter cream in case it didnt stick. thank you for all the tutorials they are very well explained and an inspiration to make me keep on trying with cake decorating.

  • what a stunning cake as all your cakes are. love the improvisation for making moulds and various items will be trying these out at some point. thank you again for the wonderfully explained tutorial

  • From one facilitator to another, Chef Yener you are exceptional. So many on line cake decorating sites don’t ‘train’ they market products. It is so refreshing to see someone who educates. Your work is magnificent and you are so generous with your knowledge. I have been decorating cakes for more than 30 years and yet there have been so many tips I have learnt while watching your videos. Thank you so much.

  • It is really amazing how it fits with the beaches in Greece !
    Respect !!

  • wow this is amazing! I’m only JUST trying my hand at cake decorating, and was looking for a tutorial for a beach themed cake and this is PERFECT. your tutorial is so easy to understand too. Thank you so much for sharing, I will definitely be trying this out 🙂

  • This is very, very lovely! Definitely a perfect example of less is more! Can’t wait to try this one!

    I also love how you teach us to use improvised molds! Certainly cuts the costs! Thank you for sharing!

  • There is something to be said about beauty in simplicity. Great inspiration for making molds on the fly! Very creative and educational.

  • Great tutorial! Very educational and useful. Thanks Chef Yener for teaching us how to create decorations without the need for cutters or mould.

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