21st Birthday Gates Cake

21st Birthday Gates Cake

$550 - $700

Learn how to make a cake for a 21st Birthday with a detailed topper of some gates and a key.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a detailed topper of a pair of gates that can actually open and close with realistic hinges. This cake is quite specific in nature in that it is for a 21st birthday and it symbolises the opening of a new chapter of responsibility in a person’s life when they turn 21. Serdar shows you some useful techniques to create stone or masonry brickwork and blacksmith work for the decorative curves of the gates. You will also learn how to make a decorative sugar key.

Downloadable Course Material

If you would like to approximately match the size of the artwork in the tutorial, print the downloadable files at 100% size. If you require your artwork to be smaller or larger, just adjust the print size accordingly.
21st Birthday Gates Cake Course Material
This PDF document contains templates for the gates and walls as well as actual size blueprints of the front view and top view of the cake.

Part 1
The Plan
Tools, Materials, Recipes & Ingredients
Preparing Templates
Creating the Gates - Part 1
Creating the Windows
Creating the Towers
Creating the Corner Base
Cutting the Tower Bases
Adjusting the Base
Decorating the Gate - Part 1
Decorating the Gate - Part 2
Making the Hinges
Attaching the Hinges
Tower Decorations
Key Cutting
Creating the Side Walls
Part 2
Adding Extra Details
Building the Towers
Adding the Tower Ornaments
Assembling the Gates
Locking the Gates
Fixing the Platform
Decorating the Key
Final Touches
Final Thoughts
Total Duration

While not everything on this list is absolutely required, these are the things used in this tutorial video. Of course you are welcome to find alternative ways of doing things and we would love to hear if you've discovered an easier method or better tool to achieve good results. Please note that some items may be listed as sets, and it is usually recommended to have full sets, it may not be neccessary. In most cases, only one item from a set is actually used in the tutorial. Please watch the tutorial before purchasing any items to make sure you are not buying anything you don't need.
Tools & Materials
Set of Knives Shop Online
Craft Knife Shop Online
Rolling Pins Shop Online
Preferably with no scratches or dents.
Rolling Pin with Lines

A 20mm thick threaded rod can be used.

Perfection Strips Shop Online
Used to roll dough (fondant, pastillage etc.) to an even thickness.
Basic Stationary
Pencil, eraser, ruler, sharpener etc.
Oil Cooking Spray Shop Online
Colour should be as light as possible to prevent discolouration in the fondant or pastillage.
Round Nozzle Set Shop Online
Set of Scissors Shop Online
Hand Towels
Ensure fibers are not loose.
Transparent Perpex Sheets
A4 Size
Small Brush in Egg White
Needle or Pin
Serdar often uses a needle or a pin to remove air bubbles from underneath the fondant when coating a cake. They can also be used to pick up very small objects when decorating.
Aluminium Foil Shop Online
Thicker is preferred.
Lollipop Sticks Shop Online
Cake Board Watch Tutorial
650mm x 300mm x 9mm - Pink material
A piece of wood coated with fabric and temporarily covered with cellophane to keep fabric clean until the cake is complete. For more information, watch our tutorial on how to cover a cake board with fabric .
Skewers Shop Online
Cellophane Shop Online
Corrugated Cardboard
Great for placing sugar items to dry. Easy to move around.
Recipes & Ingredients

1300g white, 700g very light brown

A thick sugar paste, similar to gum paste, that can be molded into different shapes and forms. When dried, it is hard and brittle. Unlike gum paste, pastillage dries much quicker and stronger. Made with gelatine, water...[read more]

Royal icing is a hard white icing, made from egg white and icing sugar (mix or pure). A little addition of an acidic substance like lemon juice, citric acid or cream of tartar, the texture of the icing can be improved....[read more]

Sugar Flowers
Sugar Leaves


450mm x 280mm

(2 x 1500g Mud sponge, 750g ganache, cut in half & re-joined
225mm x550mm)



Rolled Fondant



  1. Francine Rochon says:

    Beautiful! Tank you to share your large experience. I learn so much. Good bless you.

  2. Pien says:

    I want to make this for a fiftieth birthday. Can you show how to make the five and zero into the gate?

  3. meirianitaskd says:

    I cant open the tutorial

  4. Adele says:

    Fantastic, even breath-taking. What a creation. And… thank you once again for sharing all your skills, techniques, and making it look so easy. I think there is much here we can put to use in many ways. God bless, and thank you.

  5. Lucia Suciu says:

    Amazing work !

  6. Manya Unusyan says:

    Wonderful. The words are not enough to describe how amazing it is. I absolutely enjoyed it, so much knowledge. Thank you

  7. Kerry Lacey says:

    Oh my ! im looking very forward to this one

  8. Elisabetta says:

    It looks great! Looking forward to this one

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