Assembling a Waterfall Landscape Cake

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Assembling a Waterfall Landscape Cake

In this tutorial, you will learn how to decorate a tiered cake with a waterfall.

In this tutorial, Serdar shows you how you can make a sugar waterfall that drops down over multiple tiers. Serdar also shows you how you can make a cake look like a landscape and how to create a marble texture with your fondant.

Please note: This tutorial uses objects/decorations that are not actually shown in this tutorial. Those other tutorials are listed below…


Downloadable Course Material

If you would like to approximately match the size of the artwork in the tutorial, print the downloadable files at 100% size. If you require your artwork to be smaller or larger, just adjust the print size accordingly.
Assembling a Waterfall Landscape Cake Course Material
This PDF document contains an actual size blueprint of the cake.

The Construction
Coating the Top Tier
Coating the Pillars
Placing the Castle
Adding the Trees & Bushes
Making the Waterfall
Enhancing the Cake's Edges
Adding the Trees & Bushes
Adding Foam & Rocks
Removing the Cellophane
Final Thoughts
Total Duration

While not everything on this list is absolutely required, these are the things used in this tutorial video. Of course you are welcome to find alternative ways of doing things and we would love to hear if you've discovered an easier method or better tool to achieve good results. Please note that some items may be listed as sets, and it is usually recommended to have full sets, it may not be neccessary. In most cases, only one item from a set is actually used in the tutorial. Please watch the tutorial before purchasing any items to make sure you are not buying anything you don't need.
Tools & Materials
Rolling Pins Shop Online
Preferably with no scratches or dents.
Set of Knives Shop Online
Powder Shaker Shop Online
Preferably with small holes.
Marzipan Knife Shop Online
Hand Towels
Ensure fibers are not loose.
Set of Scissors Shop Online
Water Spray Bottle
Pizza Cutter Shop Online
Preferably large, stable and sharp.
Cold Spray Shop Online
Oil Cooking Spray Shop Online
Colour should be as light as possible to prevent discolouration in the fondant or pastillage.
Tiered Single Pillar Construction See Tutorial
Sugar Sand Castle Topper See Tutorial
Sugar Swans and Seashells Carriage See Tutorial

2 x Sugar Castle Walls and Towers

3 Twigs
Cellophane Shop Online
Wooden Skewers
Gel Food Colours Shop Online
Recipes & Ingredients
3 Cakes

- 75mm (height) x 300mm (diametre) Round
- 75mm (height) x 250mm (diametre) Round
- 75mm (height) x 200mm (diametre) Round


2kg Ivory, 2kg White, 600g Light Blue

5 Ivory, 4 Dark Green, 4 Light Green

A very light and dry sugar coral that can be used as a filler or background material for many cake decorating purposes. This recipe is a simple microwaved technique which turns a basic pastillage piece in to dry sugar...[read more]

2 Cones of Ivory, 2 Cones of White

Royal icing is a hard white icing, made from egg white and icing sugar (mix or pure). A little addition of an acidic substance like lemon juice, citric acid or cream of tartar, the texture of the icing can be improved....[read more]


Used for gluing. Some light milk colour, and some dark.


  1. Bobbi Ames says:

    I LOVE this so much! You are the Greatest!! I plan to try this within the week but I wont have much time. Unfortunately I will have to skip the Castle and the Swan Carriage this time (sad) and maybe just do some more greenery and flowers. The waterfall is such a beautiful idea on its own, I just have to try it! Thank you again! Your video is FANTASTIC!

  2. luz sosa says:

    normally I see you recommend a price to sale a cake , this one don’t show . can you please tell me . thanks

  3. Jackie Seabrooks says:

    I absolutley love this tutorial! Just one question, what size cake board are you using?

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Hi Jackie, for this cake you have to use 50 or 55 cm board and the long threaded screw has to be off the center so you have enough space for the swans. If you put the cake in the center without anything on board 3-inch free space is good . That means 15 cm larger than the cake is the norm. Thanks.

  4. xueeason says:

    excuse me.I have buy this course recently.but the video is very pause! can you tell me whether I can see the course by other way?

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Most probably your internet is not coping with HD speed. Please reduce your quality by clicking on HD button on lower right corner. Thanks

  5. Lucia Suciu says:

    Absolutely beautiful,Loved this.Thank you so much for sharing your awesome talent

  6. Lorraine McGarry says:

    Beautiful thank you for sharing your skills, my question how would you pack + transport such a delicate cake without the waterfalls breaking

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      I did not packed , I just placed on flat surface and drive carefully. The sticks behind the the waterfalls is helps.

  7. nancyjam says:

    Hi Chef
    Thank you once again for a great and very inspiring tutorial. Can you tell me who’s fondant do you use or do you make your own?

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      I do not choose any particular fondant for my daily use yet. I am in the process of endorsing a new brand in Australia which I really like it . You will be noticed in few months to come.

  8. Adele says:

    Absolutely beautiful, and inspiring. Thank you again for sharing your skills and techniques which must come from years of practice. We appreciate your total unselfishness.

  9. severine vasseur says:

    Helle Chef,
    This is so beatiful 🙂 Can you tell me what is the product you use to fix the chocolate please?
    have a great day 🙂

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      If you mean what is the addition to chocolate to make it creamy. It is few drops of alcohol like gin,vodka or kirsch

  10. Strudel says:

    God Bless you too Chef and thank you for yet another beautiful tutorial. x

  11. Bonnie says:

    Wasn’t thinking about needing to keep it cool! Thank you for answering.

  12. Bonnie says:

    As always, you give me the step by step directions that I so badly want, & need. I may never produce one like this, but I WILL use YOUR WAY of doing all the little things that most people take for granted. The way you make these rocks, are so inventive. Huge, yet light and airy. Thanks also for the little trick to produce the small rocks, that look so much more realistic than most one sees. Do you think it possible to use chocolate in place of the wood for the basic trees, since the greenery is so light? Like you did in the one with the chocolate fish? Once again, thank you for such an in depth tutorial.

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Yes Bonnie It is possible to use chocolate for brunches . 3 things.. Little thicker…when you handling to place on a cake , it has to be cold … upper parts somewhere attached to cake like I did on lower one..

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