Taj Mahal Cake

Taj Mahal Cake

4-6 Days

Learn how to make the Taj Mahal!

Making replicas of the well-known buildings and landmarks from around the world can often be part of our cake decorating business. I’ve received many requests from people to make a tutorial of the Taj Mahal and the opportunity has finally come. This Taj Mahal Cake was made for Tina Scott Parashar’s second Incredible India cake collaboration. I am very honoured and humbled to be amongst many other cake artists who I admire and follow with great respect. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and learn something valuable from it.

What you’ll learn…

  • Self-made rubber stamping techniques
  • Light marbling
  • Blade marking for brick work
  • Marker pen drawing for ornamental work
  • Pin point template cutting
  • Fork marking
  • Using pastillage moulds
  • Using a plan for accurate measurements

DISCLAIMER: The majority of this tutorial covers how to make a Taj Mahal centerpiece from pastillage. Although there is no actual cake involved in this tutorial, Serdar explains how it can be incorporated with a cake.

Downloadable Course Material

If you would like to approximately match the size of the artwork in the tutorial, print the downloadable files at 100% size. If you require your artwork to be smaller or larger, just adjust the print size accordingly.
Taj Mahal Cake Course Material
This PDF document contains templates and guides to help you with this tutorial.

Part 1
Tools & Materials
Making Outer Floor
Making Other Floors & Rooftop
Making Walls
Making Background Stamps
Making Window & Door Backgrounds
Making Outer Wall
Measurement Correction
Cutting Kiosk Windows
Cutting Tower Base Fillers
Cutting Minaret Windows
Making Stairs
Making Dome Base
Making Minarets/Towers
Making Posts
Reusing Pastillage Filler
Making Small Domes
Making Centre Dome Mould
Making Centre Dome
Marking Centre Dome
Glazing Facade
Part 2
DAY 2 - Making Tower Balconies
Assembling Tower Tops
Assembling Roof Kiosks
Making Centre Dome Lower Ornamentation
Adding Door & Window Frames
Piping on Backgrounds & Posts
Drawing Decorations
Assembling Fence & Reinforcement
Adding Stairs & Outer Floor
Gluing Background Walls Together
Gluing Background Walls to First Floor
Adding Rooftop & Roof Balustrade
Adding Posts
Adding Towers
Making Tower Tops
Making Dome Top
Final Thoughts
Total Duration

While not everything on this list is absolutely required, these are the things used in this tutorial video. Of course you are welcome to find alternative ways of doing things and we would love to hear if you've discovered an easier method or better tool to achieve good results. Please note that some items may be listed as sets, and it is usually recommended to have full sets, it may not be neccessary. In most cases, only one item from a set is actually used in the tutorial. Please watch the tutorial before purchasing any items to make sure you are not buying anything you don't need.
Tools & Materials
Rolling & Coating
  • Set of PVC pipes (30mm to 40mm thick, 40cm & 20cm long)
  • Rolling pin (30cm long)
  • Powder shaker (Filled with starch)
  • Needle or pin (to pop air bubbles)
  • Perfections strips
  • Fondant smoother
Cutting & Slicing
  • Set of knives
  • Craft knife
  • Pizza cutter
  • Box cutter
  • Set of scissors
Planning & Templates
  • Flipchart sheets (70cm x 50cm)
  • Semi transparent silicon baking sheets (70cm x 50cm)
  • White cellophane sheets (70cm x 50cm, on side matt)
  • Basic stationary (pencils, marker pens, ruler etc.)
  • Semi transparent plastic file separators
  • Plastic sleeves
Line Marking Roller
For stairs
Craft Knife Shop Online
PVC Pipe Shop Online
60cm for rolling
Often used to create pillars between cake tiers. Can also be used within the cake to provide extra internal support. Serdar often uses a PVC pipe to roll fondant.
Wooden dowel
15mm x 20cm long
With craft knife attached
Corrugated Cardboard
As trays
Great for placing sugar items to dry. Easy to move around.
Edible Marker Pens Shop Online
Red, grey, black (fine tip)
Gold luster
With oil
Small Brush
For gold
Water Spray Bottle
Small Brush in Water
Ensure that brush bristles are not loose.
Eggwhite and sponge
Oil Cooking Spray Shop Online
Colour should be as light as possible to prevent discolouration in the fondant or pastillage.
Thin Flower wire
Gel Food Colours Shop Online
Instant Coffee Powder
For colouring
Block rubber
For making stamps
60cm square Aluminium or wood
Hand Towels
Ensure fibers are not loose.
Cake Board Watch Tutorial
16mm(thickness) by 55cm(length) by 55cm(width) covered with green velvet
A piece of wood coated with fabric and temporarily covered with cellophane to keep fabric clean until the cake is complete. For more information, watch our tutorial on how to cover a cake board with fabric .
Large box cutter blade
105mm round and 12cm high

For center tower

Hair clipper attachment
Large unused
Hard fat
Recipes & Ingredients


A thick sugar paste, similar to gum paste, that can be molded into different shapes and forms. When dried, it is hard and brittle. Unlike gum paste, pastillage dries much quicker and stronger. Made with gelatine, water and...[read more]


Royal icing is a hard white icing, made from egg white and icing sugar (mix or pure). A little addition of an acidic substance like lemon juice, citric acid or cream of tartar, the texture of the icing can be improved....[read more]


Small amount to add to pastillage


  1. vasanti rego says:

    Can not watch this tutorial on my phone is there a reason

  2. lalucy23 says:

    Fantastic tutorial. I have to make this for a wedding cake in a few weeks and was asked to put little LED lights in the towers, what would be the best way to do this?
    Thank you

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      LED light . look at the ebay for individual single bulb light with wire attached .

  3. maria mercedes cardona says:

    espero algùn dìa poder hacer algo tan increible, verdaderamente muy bien explicado!!

  4. Anu Tahlan says:

    How much would a cake like this sell for ?

  5. Patricia DEMETTRE says:

    ???Fanstatik ?thank you

  6. brooke newell says:

    I love this tutorial and I am going to try and make this 🙂 I have a question about the hair clipper guide thing you used for the flooring and I was wondering if you can use the smaller ones to do the brick lines then use the tool for inbetween or do you recommend doing it like you showed in the tutorial with the knife? I had a thought that you could possibly do many lines at once?

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Well, I used the knife because I wanted to achieve a very fine line.

      1. brooke newell says:

        thank you

  7. Manya Unusyan says:

    O my God fantastic, ?
    I watched the video 3 days What beautiful, detailed work ??
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    It was lovely ?

  8. dawn Pilbro says:

    Amazing – simply amazing!!! Thank you.

  9. Meena bhatt says:

    Really waiting for this one chef Serdar ?

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Very soon. Thanks for you patient

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