Carousel Cake

In this tutorial, we are going to make a 2 tier cake with a rotating sugar carousel topper. I know it's been done many times but as you know, I do not like to use moulds and cutters so hopefully my version of a carousel cake brings something new to the table and provides a special value for your learning experience. On the first day I will be focusing more on decorations, especially the carousel and on the second day I will assemble the cake and add more details. The cakes in this tutorial will be ready and coated so I will not be showing any layering, masking and coating of the cakes as I would like to focus more on the decorations and the carousel.

What you'll learn...

  • Making a revolving carousel topper
  • Piping curved simple vintage chocolate ornaments
  • LED light installations
  • Garland Flower arrangements
  • Modelling horses
  • Making mini piped flowers with edible stems
  • Making drapes
  • Calculating distance and measurements with paper folding method
  • Smooth-edged heart piping
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