Free Cake Sizing Guide

Free Cake Sizing Guide

Being in the cake business for years, we have developed several different systems to make our lives easier in terms of how our business functions. A common issue that most cake makers run into is pricing. There is a lot of information on the internet on how to price cakes and everyone will do it a little different.

At Yeners Cakes, we mostly overcame this challenge by creating a system of itemisation. So basically, instead of pricing things as whole products, we broke it down into the specific elements or services that were involved for each product. This was quite a big task to begin with but once we were done, we had a consistent and reliable system that we could use while we ran our business. One of the things that we itemised were cake sizes.

We will be discussing this topic of pricing and itemisation a lot more in future but for now, here is a free cake sizing guide that we put together for download. Of course we can’t cover every single size because there would be an endless number of variations but this guide was compiled from many of the common sizes that we used in our business over the years. This free guide contains 160 different arrangements and sizes.

This is not a pricing guide and it does not contain any prices but if you like the idea of itemisation, pricing your actual ‘cake’ parts of your products may be easier with this guide.

The measurements in the cake sizing chart are all in millimetres. If you wish to convert to inches, its pretty safe to round off as follows…

25 mm = 1 inch
50 mm = 2 inches
75 mm = 3 inches
100 mm = 4 inches
125 mm = 5 inches
150 mm = 6 inches
175 mm = 7 inches
200 mm = 8 inches
225 mm = 9 inches
250 mm = 10 inches
and so on…

Please note however, that the larger it gets, the more of an offset there will be with the accuracy. For example, 25mm is about .98 inch so we can safely round it off to 1 inch but 250mm is about 9.84 inches (slightly less) where I guess it is still ok to round of to 10 inches but just keep it in mind. If you go up to 300mm or 400mm, the gap will get even bigger so rounding off might not be so accurate but it should be ok to round off with the numbers listed above in most cases.

We have been asked a few times for cake sizing in regards to rectangular cakes and larger round cakes so we’ve put together this chart to extend the free cake sizing guide.

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Free Cake Sizing Guide
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