White chocolate ganache is nothing but pure chocolate melted with a generous amount of boiling fresh cream. This smooth airless chocolate cream makes a lot of things possible. A benefit of white chocolate ganache is that the high content of chocolate preserves the fresh cream so the final product can last in room temperature for a few days before events are celebrated.

After a few hours of production it will set in the perfect working condition for masking, sandwiching, piping and decorating cakes.

If refrigerated, ganache will set hard like butter. This provides a good condition to coat cakes with rolling fondant. It’s not recommend to whip white chocolate ganache due to crystallization and this may cause a grainy texture. Fruit puree reductions, mocha paste (instant coffee can be mixed with a small amount of water), praline or caramel can be added for different flavors.


The weights in the recipe table below will yield the following 'weight per unit' and 'number of units'. If you would like to change the recipe to cater to a different 'weight per unit' and/or 'number of units', you can use the Recipe Calculator Tool below the ingredients table.
Weight Per Unit: 1600
Number of Units: 1
A 400 1.7 cups Thickened Cream Cream is used as an ingredient in many foods, including ice cream, many sauces, soups, stews, puddings, and some custard bases, and is also used for cakes. Perfect for pouring, baking, whipping or adding the indulgent touch to your favourite recipes.
B 1000 35.2 ounces White Chocolate Chocolate is a typically sweet, usually brown, food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, roasted and ground, often flavored, as with vanilla. It is made in the form of a liquid, paste, or in a block or used as a flavoring ingredient in other sweet foods. Room temperature, small pieces
C 200 7 ounces Butter Butter is a solid dairy product made by churning fresh or fermented cream or milk, to separate the butterfat from the buttermilk. It is generally used as a spread on plain or toasted bread products and a condiment on cooked vegetables, as well as in cooking, such as baking, sauce making, and pan frying. Butter consists of butterfat, milk proteins and water. Room temperature, small pieces

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1 MEASURE Weigh all ingredients.
2 BOIL Heat and boil the cream. Switch off heat when the cream is at boiling point for a few seconds.
3 WHISK Pour the cream on to the chocolate and whisk together. Chocolate is melted
4 ADD Add the butter pieces and mix all together. Butter is melted
5 STORE Allow to sit in room temperature. Ganache is smooth and set

Important Notes

  • You can put the chocolate pieces into the cream after switching off the heat or you can pour boiling cream on the chocolate pieces. Both will work the same however, pouring cream on to chocolate will probably be a little more secure against chocolate being burned at the bottom of the pot if not whisked quickly. The risk is that the mix may get cold before the chocolate is completely melted.
  • Cooking chocolate will achieve nice ganache but couvertures with pure cocoa butter will create a better tasting ganache.
  • Thickened cream could be replaced with fresh cream.
  • After used, always scrape down the sides in the bowl and cover with cling foil.
  • Avoid water dripping on to surface from just-washed hands or wet towels.
  • Keep it in a glass bowl or microwave safe plastic containers so you can reheat and soften in a microwave.


  1. Violet Sammut says:

    Hi Chef, thank you for your time and recipes. Can I please ask what I’m doing wrong and how can I retrieve it. When I do the dark chocolate ganache is solidifies, but when I do the white chocolate ganache it doesn’t. I always use less thickened cream hoping that it won’t come loose, but it always does. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

  2. kerimepere says:

    Hi sir. Can i ask that how long can i store this ganache in deepfreeze for stok. Or in +4 refrigator to use after

  3. Andrew Mendes says:

    Good morning Chef,

    This recipe is perfect. Then I tried substituting vegetable shorting. I was not successful. Is it possible?

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      I never try that, I believe it is possible but butter is the best

  4. Andrew Mendes says:

    Chef my white chocolate is not the best quality. How can I make it less sweet and bulk up the recipe? I will need to frost a cake with it.

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      I recommend you to increase the butter and whip it into the light and fluffy consistency like buttercream.

      1. Andrew Mendes says:

        Thank you, Chef.

  5. Sonali Mitra says:

    is this recipe alright for masking a cake at 42degree centigrade ?

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      No . the room temp should be max 24 cantigrade

  6. Helga Lang says:

    Helga Lang
    vor 1 Tag

    Hello Mr. Yener!!! I am absolutely impressed by all of your videos, they are so awesome and you explain everything so good that even beginners can make a perfect result.
    So I thought I may dare to ask you for any help with my little problem. My daughter wants me to bake her wedding cake in August this year. So as much as I am glad about her trust in me that I can succeed this cake, it also makes me feel nervous.
    So I have a few questions and I hope you might be so kind and answer me:
    1. The Ganache that you use for masking, is it the same as you use for the filling of a cake. And is it the recipe from above?
    2. How do you prepare the chocolate that you use with the brush in that special Video where you first brush the chocolate and then add the Ganache and then put you the ring into the ring? Is it only a melted couverture or do you add something like butter or cream?
    3. One of the cakes I will bake, will be a Sacher cake (I am Austrian so it is a duty to have this cake included in a wedding cake) but using an appricot jam intstead, which is usual, I want to fill it with an appricot compote thicken by a vanilla pudding powder. So now I am wondering if this kind of masking from this video works to keep the wetness inside. Or do you think the other way which you show in the other video would be better?
    4. Last but not least, I of course have watched your video about writing on a cake. Is this also only a melted couverture? I once tried to write on a cake and unfortunately the chocolate line tore off all the time, so I think I had the wrong recipe. Can you please tell me the secret or what I have done wrong.

    So these are all my questions and I would be so happy if you will answer me. You would calm me down a lot and make me fall asleep again, because due of the cake topic I can’t sleep anymore, I have this cake always in my mind. But as I said the wedding will be in August, so these are still many months without sleeping in a good way, I guess I will look like a zombie then, when my girl will get married 😀

    Thanks in advance for your efforts I would really appreciate it
    with kind regards

    Helga from Austria
    P.s.: please forgive my spelling mistakes, my English is not the best 😉

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      1. Yes, I share only one ganache recipe from our website.
      2. Prepare rings, not into each other, on top of each other / place a plastic sheet on board, follow with rings and the plastic stripe in the ring. Brush chocolate on the base touching to corner follow brushing the wall. Let set / The chocolate is pure compound no other additions.
      3. Yes, it is. make sure Apricot is only in between layers not on the side, so that means you have to use ganache to stick the sponge to the outer skin.
      4. I do not understand the question. I use also pure Compound chocolate with a few drops of alcohol to make the chocolate not too runny.

      I love Vienna I love Kertner Strasse I was there twice. That is all till your next question. Good luck Helga.

      1. Helga Lang says:

        Thank you so much for your reply, it helps me a lot. I tried the white ganache when I baked the Sacher Torte last weekend for the Easter weekend. I filled it with the appricots and the result was pretty good. We just recognized the cake got even better after a few days. It was more juicy then. Just the fondant changed a bit to a sticky surface. Is this a normal process, or can I avoid this anyhow? But I think I have past the first test for the weeding cake. I only need to get faster, it seems I act like a snail. 😀 Do you think it could even work if I don’t mask it with a ganache but just with a normal chocolate overglace. Like some melted compound choclate with some butter added. Then let the glace get hard and then coat with the Fondant? I think this would be much faster than to mask it.

        Hope you also had a nice Easter Weekend. Really thanks again for your help and hope you will allow me to ask you in future some question.

        Take care

        p.s.: You are right Vienna is an awesome city. I don’t live there, but my daughter lives in Vienna and she is the one who will marry. This is also a topic which makes my grey hair grow :-D. Because Vienna is around 300 km far away from my place and I have to deliver the wedding cake to her and even one day before the wedding will happen. But I think I will find a solution. 😉

        1. Serdar Yener says:

          Okay, I guess you have kept the cake in the fridge that is why become sticky. It is a good idea to coat the cake with chocolate but no butter becouse of 300 km.
          Please watch these three video and we talk about again.

          1. Helga Lang says:

            Hello Serdar, thanks again for your help. No I didn’t keep the cake in the fridge but in the basement. I think the reason why it became a sticky surface was that we got it up from the cellar, cut a few pieces and back down to the cellar. Probably the difference between cold and warm was too much for the fondant. What do you think?
            I know all the videos you have sent me and I find them all fantastic and helpfull. I just have some problems to understand everything, at least the one where you explain how to prevent the condensation on the fondant. So I will ask my daughter to translate for me :-D!
            There is still one question, when do I have to use compound or couverture choclate?

            Have a nice weekend

  7. Linda Marlene Eales says:

    Thank you so much for this excellent tutorial, Chef Yener! I just made the white chocolate ganache with 35% cream and callebaut chocolate to mask my cakes in the morning. It turned out so rich and smooth!

  8. Shiwaza Moosa says:

    Hi Chef. Thank you for all these wonderful recipes. I am making a volcano cake for my son’s birthday. I already made it with your mud cake recipe and covered it with your chocolate ganache (which was so easy to work). Next I need to make some larva flowing out of the volcano. Can i colour your white ganache recipe with red colour to achieve this? If not do u have any suggestions?
    Thanks a lot!!

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Yes it is good idea to use also colored white ganache . If you use royal icing it will melt in no time over the ganache

  9. Albertina Menete says:

    Hello Chief. Thank you so much for your lessons.
    I am new in the group and I have so many doubts. For this specific case i need help for a wedding cake to be deliver bon November 10. The cake is to be covered with sugar past. Before that

  10. fran mcd says:

    Hi Chef. Loving all of your tutorials. I will be making a 3 tier wedding cake in December. Bottom tier 10″ chocolate biscuit, middle tier 8″ rich fruit, top tier 6″ lemon madeira. 6″tall. Icing with ivory fondant. I need to have the cake iced and ready by 24th Dec for wedding 29th. Can you advise the best masking medium that will seal and keep for that length of time without deterioration. Will white chocolate ganache be suitable or would it melt before the big day? Also could you give me a guide to quantities of ganache. Many thanks in advance.

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Yes White chocolate ganache is good but make sure you keep the cake in Air condition and use my recipe. Thanks

  11. Teresa Alvey says:

    I’m a hobbyist baker, and am helping my RMT make a wedding cake for her Aunt who has noooo budget (I’ll be compensated with RMT massages for my time, and my RMT is buying all the supplies, & I have all the equipment from my previous Wilton cake decorating class purchases).
    I want to put genache under the fondant instead of apricot glaze, so that those that don’t like fondant can remove it and still have a very nice silky and delicious “icing” for their cake. So I went to Youtube and found Yerners Way videos. OMG! Thank you for posting those!!! I actually was so entrenched that I upset my bf by watching hours upon hours of your videos over an entire Saturday, and then starting again the following morning. I’ve made some notes, but certainly not enough, so I will re-watch a couple of the videos that I saved in my favourites. But to help me save some time, I have 2 questions I hope you can answer for me.
    First of all, the cake will be 3 tiers on plates w/4 columns supporting each. The bottom cake Chocolate, the center White, and the top to be Carrot. So I thought genache for all 3, Choc for bottom, and (now that I see your recipe for:) white genache to cover the other 2; and all 3 cakes to be covered with white marshmallow fondant (another recipe online that I’ve made in the past). Decorated with purple ribbon wrapped at the base of each cake, and Royal icing flowers in purple shades scattered over the top cake to surround the cake topper. I also want to have the silver balls in the side of the center cake in criss-cross pattern every inch, 3 rows. 1st question, do i just press them into the side of the fondant, or do i need to “fasten” them with some royal icing?
    In your “Perfect Masking Technique” video, you did 2 different ratio mixtures of the dark chocolate. 1:2 for the inside, and 1:3 for the covering. My second question: Would the ratios for white genache be the same?? or 1:3 for inside and 1:4 for covering because it’s a softer product?
    Of course, the wedding is the first weekend in August, the hottest and most humid time of the year in Ontario Canada. Your video on transporting with frozen, paper-wrapped water bottles wired in the box corners is ingenious! Thanks for your help! Again, the videos are so awesome, thank you so much for sharing your experience!! You’re a fine gentleman in my book for doing so.

    1. Teresa Alvey says:

      btw i only want to use the “perfect masking technique” for the top cake that will be 3 layers.
      The Bottom and middle cakes will both be 2 layers, and be masked using one of your other techniques (from your “How to mask a cake tutorial – three different techniques”).

    2. Serdar Yener says:

      Hi Teresa, Royal icing to glue silver balls is okay but will be not so clean. I would use a dot of syrup or dot of sloppy royal icing.
      for the white ganache 1:4 yes it will work better.
      Good luck

  12. Olga Jain says:

    Hello Chef! First of all would like to thank you so much for all your videos! I’ve found accidentally you on YouTube just couple months ago and so glad I did! You are such a genius! Love every single video!! I’ve learned from you so many tricks! You are doing such a great thing by sharing your experience with people! Thank you lots and lots for that! And I have a little question.. Recently I’ve started to work in a hot and very humid climate. I’ve learned from you a great trick about To glaze isomalt ( before it’s sticking was a big problem) so thanks! And now I have a very important for me order and suddenly my fondant on top of ganache started to melt!! Why?? What is going on? It never was anything like this before? Can it be because of ganache melts underneath of fondant? Maybe I shell start to put marzipan before fondant? Will it help do you think? Thank you.

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      I will ask you one question. Is your fondant melting on its own on the table, not on the cake? if yes you have to use another brand. If your answer is no. You have 2 possible problems. 1. Your ganache has too much water content and you are rolling the fondant too thin. 2. this is what I think happens. You are coating the coating the fondant on a cold cake and condensation causing the problem. Please watch my video (Prevent Condensation on Fondant) that will help. Thanks

  13. SANDRA FORDE says:

    Where do i purchase the couverture chocolate

  14. Sadia Mirza says:

    Sir, white chocolate ganach retio is 1:3 and dark chocolate ganach ratio is 1:2 and what will be the ratio for milk chocolate ganach?I have milk chocolate and want t mak ganach.Thanx

  15. Anu Tahlan says:

    Hi I am also in Canada and need this question that Aloha Pie asked answered please, I will paste it here

    i live in canada we only have 35% cream (whipping cream). is this the same as thicken cream in your receipe?

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Yes it is . I use thicken cream cor the cost factor. 35% cream does the same job. Thanks

    2. Kim Kerr says:

      I am in Canada also and I just used Whipping cream and it turned out perfect, and yummy. It gives you a large amount so I suggest cutting the recipe in half if you don’t need a lot.

  16. Maria Alfieri says:

    Hi Chef, please could you let me know I am making white chocolate ganashe. I live in South Africa and only have cream not the thicken cream. I also need to transport this cake a distance. What ration of white choc to cream should I use. 400g of cream to 1200 chock and the same amount of butter or should I eliminate the butter? Thanks m

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      1:3 chocolate is just good ( butter you can use by replacing some cream 300g )

    2. Maria Alfieri says:

      Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day

  17. Campanita says:

    Hello Chef Yener, I´ve just subscribed to your tutorials and I am enjoying them very much. Today, I made your white chocolate mud cake in preparation for a wedding. I could not wait and had a little piece. I love the taste! My question is, your recipe for the white chocolate ganache as shown (1600 grams) will be enough for filling (sandwiching) and masking the 10″ mud cake?. I will make a 12″, 10″ and 6″ cake. Thank you!

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      I would go twice that recipe. Please watch my you tube video of masking cakes .

      1. Kim Kerr says:

        I did the masking for the 1st time the other day and LOVE it, I had a couple mistakes that I was able to fix easy, but WOW that is a lot better than having to crumb coat etc….

  18. Aloha Pie says:

    Hi, i love all your tutorials! i have a question? i live in canada we only have 35% cream (whipping cream). is this the same as thicken cream in your receipe?

  19. bsousie2 says:

    Hi Chef Yener. I want to make your open book cake. But the person I’m making the cake for doesn’t like the taste of fondant. Can I use your recipe for the white ganache instead. Thank you Barbara

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Yes you can use white ganache to cover the cake but sugar transfer will have oil stain. I would suggest to use white chocolate under the transfer.

  20. Bernadette says:

    When do you add the mocha flavouring

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Best you melt the instant coffee in to cream when it is boiling. But If you have ready white chocolate ganache. Take a spoon or two Nescafe powder add just enough water( maybe less than a tea spoon) to make a paste. When you add this in to ganache it may appears little split. Place in microwave few second .Mix. Done..How much Nescafe up to you..

  21. Grisel Borgos says:

    Hi Chef Yener, How are you? I’m still loving your tutorials. I have a question. I want to purchase Couverture chocolate on line. Now, what cocoa % can I get to make white and dark chocolate ganache? Thank you in advance.

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Hi Grisel I wouldn’t worry about the amount of cocoa butter in couverture for ganache because you are not tempering . Average couverture will do a good job.

    2. sdricart says:

      I make mine with Valrhona Carraibe-I believe it is around 64% cocoa and delicious. I add a bit of sugar to taste.

      1. sdricart says:

        There is no cocoa in white chocolate-I am speaking of regular chocolate ganache.

  22. kim mcmahan says:

    I have been using Guittards Vanilla apeels and never get the right consistency, is this because there is not cocoa in the apeels? I will look for the couveture chocolate but I have so much of the Guittard I would like to be able to use it for this purpose (works great for candy clay).

  23. Grisel Borgos says:

    Thank you Chef Yeners for your help.

  24. Grisel Borgos says:

    I have never made white chocolate ganache before. What white chocolate do you recommend I use to achieve a good tasting white chocolate ganache? Thanks in Advance.

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Couverture or compound chocolate will both work. Couverture will taste better 🙂

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