The Wanna-be Cake Decorator

The Wanna-be Cake Decorator

The scraps of paper that are scattered to the right of my computer are an assortment of lists of things to do, menus from a week ago and sketches for wanna-be cakes, that is, ideas that I want to become cake.

“Maybe do a sculpture with Fimo”, suggests my adult son. “Or draw. You like to draw”, adds one of my daughters hoping for a calorie reprieve as her sister reminds me of the clay sculptures, the camera work and the gardening that starred, each for its own special time, as “Mom’s new hobby”.

I really do understand them. None of my previous pastimes depended so much on my children’s active involvement. I read endless internet tutorials, comment frequently on most new cake designs that I see, buy the ingredients, purchase the specialized equipment, mix the batter, sketch out the designs, build paper models and eventually even bake, fill and decorate cakes. But my children are my first line of tasters and every cake that I make passes their lips and tummies. Only once so far in this journey of my new hobby did I actually get up enough nerve to give a decorated cake as a gift to someone that I didn’t previously know. It’s not that the children don’t like eating cake, but attached to each new creation is the look in their Mom’s eyes waiting for a compliment, any compliment, any comment, and the more original the better. “Tastes good” and “Looks pretty” don’t cut it at all.

So, as you can gather, I am a newbie to the wonderful, colourful and delicious world of cake decorating. Each holiday, birthday and new cake decorating site that I come across brings out the wannabe and the wannado from within me and each compliment, no matter how small, makes me feel grand with achievement.

Cake is in the oven. Gotta go for now.

About the Author
"Let it be a challenge to you" is a saying that has accompanied me for all of my adult life. While studying education in N.Y.C. in the late 60's that was the typical response given to most work/school, related difficulties. Over the years I've found that viewing problematic situations as challenges makes them not only easier to cope with, but increases the satisfaction of having risen up to the challenge. My current challenge is trying to turn reality into cake. I am much more interested in an edible nature scene or an edible guitar than "the pretty cake". I am the mother of three and have been living in Israel for the past 40+ years. My hobbies include drawing, sculpting, photography, gardening, travel, and of late, cake decorating.
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