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Ermine -The Cinderella of the Buttercreams

356 Views0 Comments Reviews

American, Swiss, French, German, Italian.  What do they have in common? They are all buttercreams, of course!  With seemingly so many countries represented, ...

Royal Icing for the Timid Baker

233 Views2 Comments Reviews

Oh how I love when things work out even better than expected!A couple of years ago, right at the beginning of my venture into cake decorating, Royal Icin...

A Shine, Anyone?

481 Views0 Comments Reviews

I've been working on a new project whose spotlight is a deep shine on the dark modeling chocolate that is supposed to resemble freshly poured chocolate syrup...

Food Colors – Natural versus Synthetic

1.32K Views2 Comments Reviews

I've been asked to write about the differences between natural food colors and the synthetic ones that most cake decorators seem to use.  Many brand name com...

Homemade Sugar Lace – An Experiment and a Postscript

590 Views0 Comments Reviews

I am utterly in love with my newest lace mats and wanted to incorporate one on a butter cream covered cake that I'm in the process of making...but I heard th...

Homemade Sugar Lace

2.58K Views7 Comments Reviews

I'm probably the last to have heard about this, but then again maybe I'm not...

The Carousel

1.31K Views0 Comments Reviews

A really simple cake, if you think about it. Or, perhaps, it's simple only if you don't think about it too much.My carousel cake is basically one four in...

The Doggie in the Photograph

507 Views0 Comments Reviews

My ongoing mantra of "let it be a challenge" definitely worked overtime the other day.My daughter asked me to make a dog topper to sit on top of a small ...

A Learning Experience

574 Views3 Comments Reviews

Since the birth of my first granddaughter ten months ago, I have been busy baking and decorating cakes to celebrate every one of her monthly milestone birthd...

Frilling It My Way

885 Views2 Comments Reviews

There are countless cake decorators who frill and ruffle fondant to add dimension, interest, glamour, and even clothes to their edible creations.

A Few of My Favorite Things

859 Views4 Comments Reviews

Since starting out on my cake decorating journey a year ago, I have spent more money and bought more tools and equipment than I would have thought imaginable...

Frills and Lace and All Things Girly

908 Views0 Comments Reviews

I have never worn a garment adorned with lace, and a pink blouse never enticed me to make a purchase. I just have never been into the frilly girly stuff, alt...

Cakeless in Ireland

716 Views0 Comments Reviews

I've spent the past two weeks vacationing in Ireland. The closest that I came to cake decorating of any sort was the eating of several not very tasty or even...

The Most Imperfect of Daisies

720 Views0 Comments Reviews

What could be simpler than making a sugar daisy that is composed of just a few petals and a center that are all held together with either edible glue or with...

One Idea Leads to Another – Cookies ‘N’ Cake

782 Views0 Comments Reviews

A very talented cake designer and poster on a site that I frequent came up with what seemed to be an ingenious and perhaps even revolutionary idea in the wor...

Crocuses in Bloom

1.18K Views0 Comments Reviews

I received an e-mail this past week from a dear friend who lives in New York."They're finally here," she wrote. "The crocuses have broken thru the ground...

Purim Cakes

762 Views0 Comments Reviews

I'm sure that we have all experienced it, that taste of something that throws you back to your childhood. Every family has that one relative, whether a mom, ...

The Super Popular Peony

1.30K Views4 Comments Reviews

The peony has become a fashion icon catching the spotlight on many of today's pretty cakes. From single tiered to multi tiered, from rainbow colored to pure ...

Make it Vegan – Egg and Sugar Free Spice Cookies

763 Views0 Comments Reviews

"Hey, Mom, your new batch of cookies is really pretty, but you know, of course, that I won't eat any," wrote my daughter in an e-mail response to my latest f...

Make It Vegan – Chocolate Revisited

1.09K Views0 Comments Reviews

My brother and I grew up with a Mom that baked. There was no such thing as not having cake in the house, and it was always fresh and there was always plenty....

The Pasta Machine – Part 1

1.69K Views2 Comments Reviews

At the Jewish Holiday of Chanukah, it is tradition to light candles in an eight branched candle holder, to play with a spinning top and to eat fried potato p...

Make It Vegan – Vegan Lemon Cream Cake Recipe

1.22K Views0 Comments Reviews

First of all, my apologies to Chef Yener for tweaking his eggless sponge cake recipe. I did request vegan recipes, but since none were currently in the plan...

Ode to a Toothpick – The Ultimate Utensil

1.09K Views0 Comments Reviews

Have you ever wondered how this super simple and yet fantastically useful tool came to be? Numerous sources point out that a form of tooth pick goes back to ...

Fondant Failure

1.52K Views1 Comments Reviews

Based on the success of a buttercream piped 3d me to you teddy cake I made last month, a friend asked me to make a cake for her class at college. "I would li...

Kitchen Toys

864 Views0 Comments Reviews

"Sign here", said the post woman as she handed me a pen, a large pad of paper containing dates, names and signatures all neatly divided into columns, and a s...

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