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Underwater Theme Wedding Cake with Sugar Seahorses Topper


  1. Linda Soyer says:

    Loved your starfish made by hand!! Would be extremely grateful to see your video on making sea horses. The cake topper with them would be perfect for a wedding cake I’m planning on making for my nephew.

  2. Nancy Whitlock says:

    Love this one so much. Would love to make this one.

  3. Rosina Thornton says:

    So beautiful love the colour so relaxing

  4. Manya Unusyan says:

    Something special and beautiful this is for wedding cake.?

  5. Elisabetta Morandi says:

    I’d really love to see this tutorial on the done list -:) Please ?
    thank you for sharing so generously your talent and knowledge. You don’t only make things look easy, you make them truly accessible (with a little practice)

  6. jenny MARX says:

    so many people in my life would love a cake like this
    yes please

  7. smokey dragon dragon says:

    I love to know how to make a 3D Sugar Seahorses For my best friend.

  8. Eva Hudson says:

    Beautiful,awesome work

  9. paula firth says:

    Stunning cake i would love to learn the skills needed to make this.

  10. Grisel Borgos says:

    This is one piece of art I will like Yeners to put up. Beautiful!!

  11. Butterfly Flutterby says:

    breath taking beautiful but such simplicity looking so many effects and skills to learn would love to try this

  12. Tracy Karp says:


  13. john echevarria says:

    awesome work!

  14. domitilla romana says:

    simply stunning !!!

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