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Cascading Foral Bouquets with a Golden Tier Wedding Cake

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I was as a full time cake artist for over 15 years, helping to create thousands of wedding cakes and celebration cakes. Now its all about Yeners Way and I enjoy drawing, digital art, web design and web development and coding.


  1. maryse Audel says:

    Hello Chief Yener, olease, how can we get the pattern for the sugar lattice stands for this so wonderful cake ?

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      You will find that in this link. You have to create free account if you don’t have that yet.

  2. AMEL says:

    Please do a tuto for this .

    1. Swati Maheshwari says:

      Is the ornamental legs tutorial available?

      1. Serdar Yener says:

        Yes, you can find it on YouTube same video is available at and you must create your free account to access course templates.

  3. Jackie Kitchen says:

    Please please do more wedding cake tutorials!!!

  4. Yara says:

    Amazing! Please do a tutorial in this. Thank you

  5. sijaz1 says:

    This is extremely beautiful! who would want to cut this cake? This would make an awesome tutorial as well!

  6. Beverley King says:

    Another stunning masterpiece Chef! 🙂 Would to see a tutorial. that would be fascinating. Can you tell me please? Is the Gold paintwork totally edible? If so what brand do you use? Thank you

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Hi Beverley, It depents of the which part of the cake. On the surface area, I use pure gold leaves. If brushing on chocolate pipings I use lately Rainbow Dust.

  7. jewelofacake says:

    I absolutely love the pipework! The bottom is so intricate and different. Would love to see a tutorial on this cake!

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