14 Tools & Materials Every Cake Decorator Should Have
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  • Hi Mr.-chef,
    I did it 🙂
    of course there’s some deference than amazing yours but I’m happy with it 🙂
    Hope you check it out on my media page and give me your honor opinion in my work
    Thank you

  • I already watched many tutorials which you made (incredible) as usual but it was for three tiers cake

    But this cake is just two tiers so I couldn’t figure the metal rod height and the pvc pipe height also

  • Hi Mr. Yener,
    Do you have a tutorial for this cake?
    If you don’t, so would you please suggest for me another cake tutorial but with the same stand technique!
    Because my little daughter choosed this cake to be her next birthday cake and I wanna make it perfectly.
    Thank you

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