Sugar Fairytale Cake Toppers

This bundle contains a some fairytale themed tutorials at a discounted price!

Purchasing this bundle will give you lifetime access to the following 3 tutorials.
Learn how to make a beautiful horse and carriage centrepiece from pastillage.
$34.95 (If purchased alone)
Learn how to make a fairytale castle out of pastillage.
$29.95 (If purchased alone)
Learn how to make a sugar centrepiece (or topper) of four swans pulling a seashell carriage.
$34.95 (If purchased alone)
Purchasing the tutorials in this bundle individually, would normally cost $99.85.
Save $29.90 with this bundle!


    • Hi, Simply click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button and then ‘Checkout’. Once you have made payment you will be sent log in details (If you don’t have them already). Then just log in and come back to this page 🙂 If you have any problems, please email us or use the contact form.

  • Hi I want to buy this amazing video but don’t know how to make pastillage we don’t have here confection sugar we have powder sugare and sugar icing would you please send me how to make pastillage from powder sugar or how I can replace it with gum past or mixing fondant with tylo powder thank you

    • Serdar Yener

      in my pastillage recipe is written icing sugar mix. it means pure icing sugar + 5 % corn or wheat starch all in one. You can replace that with Powder sugar and any white starch in similar proportion. Make sure is the sugar you choose as fine powder as possible.. No , you can not use fondant or gum paste for these pieces Thanks

  • Dear Mr. Yener,
    I was wondering if the videos themselves will be available for download to my computer after purchase or if the download only pertains to course materials. Thank you.

    • Hi Suzannah, Thank you for your question. The videos are not able to be downloaded by default and they are only meant to be watched online (just like youtube). If you purchase any tutorial individually, you have access to it forever and you can log in and watch them whenever you like, for as long as you like. If for some reason you wish to download them (maybe you have connectivity issues or would like to watch the tutorial from somewhere where there is no internet connection), than you can request the links via email and we will provide them to you. If on a time based subscription, then you will not be able to download the videos. Thanks

  • Dear Mr. Yener,
    thank you so much for your tutorials. You make them with very much love and heart. I love this Horses. When I saw them first time, I thought, I could never do this. But you made it so simple. And sooo beautiful. I love your work and how you do it.
    Love and Peace from Germany

  • I am so excited to have just purchased the bundle “Sugar horse centre piece and Fairy Tale Castle! But I am having a difficult time locating the ‘purple download’ button. I have gone now several times on the page where the video is watched, scrolled down, but I don’t see the button, and it’s probably right in front of my eyes too… Lol… Please help!
    Thank you

  • Hi, how much would the fairy tale bundle be in British sterling?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Lisa, Sorry for the late response. Please use Google’s conversion tool to approximately calculate the currency difference. For example, you can search something like ‘49.95 AUD to Pound’. I just did and the result is 26.21 Pounds. Thanks

      • I have left 2 messages about this and no has responded. I was trying to purchase some tutorials while they were still on sale. Is there a fee for converting the money from whatever to AUD? I live in the U.S. Thank you.

        • Hi Cassandra, I replied to your email but unfortunately you must not have received it for some reason.
          Yes, your bank / credit card will handle this automatically and yes there may be a small fee involved depending on your bank. If you pay via Paypal, you should be able to see the conversion right away before you purchase but I am not sure if Paypal also includes a conversion fee or not. Thanks

  • I have just purchased the bundle ‘Sugar horse centre [piece and Fairy tale castle but I can not find
    how to download the video tutorials or materials. Can you help?

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