Butterfly Paradise Wedding Cake Bundle

This bundle includes all the individual tutorials needed to make the Butterfly Paradise Wedding Cake.

Purchasing this bundle will give you lifetime access to the following 8 tutorials.
Learn how to create an internal construction for heavy and tall tiered cakes.
$14.95 (If purchased alone)
Learn how to indent a cake with an even quilt pattern.
$9.95 (If purchased alone)
Learn how to cover a cake’s surface with edible gold leaf sheets.
$9.95 (If purchased alone)
Learn how to pipe lace patterns effectively on the vertical surfaces around the cake.
$14.95 (If purchased alone)
Learn how to use calligraphy techniques to create an inscription for a cake.
$14.95 (If purchased alone)
In this tutorial, Serdar will show you a special technique to make a gazebo with lattice walls.
$24.95 (If purchased alone)
Learn to make these elegant sugar butterflies with an intricate lace design on the wings.
$19.95 (If purchased alone)
Purchasing the tutorials in this bundle individually, would normally cost $109.65.
Save $35.70 with this bundle!


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