Yeners Way is Making Some Changes

We have decided to start selling our tutorials and subscriptions through a platform called Uscreen. We feel that it is a right step moving forward and we will have a better foundation for whats to come. The biggest thing to understand with this new change is that we now have two sites.
This is the site you have used till now and it is still our main site. Its not going anywhere and if you have an active subscription, you can continue to use it as you have been. We will continue to publish new tutorials here for all active subscribers. We are simply changing the links for when someone wants to purchase tutorials or join a subscription from now on.
This is the site where you will go to purchase and watch the tutorials from now on. As mentioned if you currently have an active subscription, you can still use as you were.


Questions and Answers

Why are you making this change?

We feel that the new platform will be a better user experience all around. It is faster, cleaner and easier to use with more filtering options so you can easily find what you are looking for. We’ve also had some minor issues with our checkout an shopping cart at that have been an inconvenience for some. 

What about my current subscription?

If you currently have an active subscription with us at, nothing will change. You can still log in and watch the tutorials as well as new ones that we publish. Everything will be as it was before. You can continue to watch the tutorials from The only time this change will effect you is if you make a new purchase of any kind from now on. For example, if you purchase a new tutorial individually, or if you cancel your subscription and re-subscribe at a later date.

What if I want to purchase a new tutorial from but I already own tutorials on

Since there are now two sites, if you purchase a tutorial after the 27th of May 2020, you will own that tutorial at You won’t automatically have access to it at Access to the tutorial will be granted to you at and you will have to log in there with your new login details to watch the tutorials.

Basically, if you make any kind of purchase from Yeners Way after today, you will have two different log in credentials. Your old one that you’ve used till now at, and a new one for Of course, you can make them both the same but the important thing to note is that they are two different logins…two different sites.

This inconvenience is unavoidable at this point since and are two separate sites. Having said that however, if you want to avoid this inconvenience and only want to log into the one place (, simply send us an email with a request to grant access to all previously purchased tutorials from, at your account. This way, you can just log in to to watch all the the tutorials you own.

So what is for?

After today, it will still be possible to create a free account at A free account at will allow you to comment on tutorials, download course materials for free tutorials, and upload pictures of your cakes in the Members Projects section for each tutorial. As mentioned, will be where our premium tutorials are sold and served from now on.

Of course anyone who is currently subscribed to Yeners Way will also still use to watch tutorials. We will never take it down, and we will continue to publish tutorials there for all active subscribers.

We’ve Lowered our Subscription Prices

As an incentive to move to the new platform, we have lowered our subscription prices. Our Monthly subscription is now $19 AUD per month and our Annual subscription is now $169 AUD per year. If you are currently subscribed at $24.95 per month or $224 per year, please feel free to cancel your subscription and subscribe again at the lower prices. We have also stopped our Biannual subscription plan to make things simpler.

Changes to Gift Certificates

With these changes, it is no longer possible to purchase gift certificates as they were offered till now. Instead, you can purchase gift cards of any amount and receivers of gift cards can use the gift cards to get a discount off purchases. Gift cards can be purchased from here.

Changes for Affiliates

Our affiliate program has also changed and we are now using a new system as well. All affiliates will receive an email soon regarding this change. If you want to join our affiliate program, you can do so here.

We really hope that these changes will provide a better user experience overall and won’t make things too inconvenient.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Thank you


  1. Claudia Green says:

    I can not access the tutorials or find any way to get help.

    1. Serkan Yener says:

      Hi Claudia, sorry to hear you have had trouble. I had a look at your account and your expiry date was a little offset. It is resolved now and you should have access. In future, if you need help with anything, please email Thank you

  2. dawn Pilbro says:

    Help please – love the look of the new lesson – but cannot find a way to log in.

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