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I just wanted to share this great review about Yeners Way by Naomi from Naomi’s Shaken and Baken.


Why am I sharing this?

Have you ever noticed there is a fast growing number of cake decorating collaborators or cakes decorators, who are now getting in on the “video tutorial world.” You either pay annually, monthly or buy as you wish.

I currently have four that I am with. How about you? One I pay monthly, two I pay annually and the fourth you can preview the video if you love it, well you can buy it to watch the whole thing.

So again the question above, why am I sharing this?

I found Yeners Way Tutorial video’s facebook page from a random share, his tutorial page was just starting out. I went on over had a little scout around and it looked VERY interesting and like always I do my research. I always research about a person a little. Look at their websites or pages to find out more about them and what work they do. I was super excited to find out he was a QUEENSLANDER and lived in Australia… As I looked at his cake designs on Yeners Cakes, his actual cake page I just seen crisp, clean work. I really admire that and it’s something I am trying to achieve…

Yeners work is amazing so I went and check out his tutorial site. It does not have all the bells and whistles (in my terms meaning “WOWZER LOOK AT ME”) like some attention grabbing sights you see. Their pages are full of bright colours, fancy writing, animation and lots of other things going on.

But that did not bother me, I kind of liked that it meant I was not over stimulated and over excited and trying to look at everything at once hahahaha. I went and looked around his site first before I looked at a free tutorial. (At this point I had not joined/paid YET, I had only just discovered his site.)
The FIRST one I watched was “The Making Of Maria & Theo’s 6 Tier Wedding Cake.”

OH MY GOSH! Where do I start…. He goes into much more DEPTH then what ANY of the cake video tutorial pages I pay for. And this was just a FREE one.. He shows you how he goes about designing and setting up his wedding cakes, to how he shipped it to SYDNEY!! He SHOWS YOU how and/or what he is using inside a cake!!! Tells you about techniques, mediums used, how about arranging items and YES all of this was on the free tutorial, so can you imagine what is on the bought ones. This is what I was thinking, in open mouth mode, as I watched this video and took EVERYTHING IN!!! My mind was like a sponge!!! It was breathtaking to watch, specially for those of us who cake decorating is a passion not just a “job”.

A few months later I took the plunge and paid for the annual subscription that gives me access to everything. Even though I paid for the annual subscription, the very first video I was interested in watching was the beach cake.

This is what I love about watching these tutorials so far;
I am a savvy tool hunter, hahaha . I use what I have or a cheaper tool. Yeners Way shows you and does the SAME THING!! Not only does he show you the moulds or tools needed but he also shows you amazing ways to get the same effect without having to buy those expensive items. Which is especially good for those of us who are small businesses or just starting out.

He really explains things to you and takes the time too. I do not feel like he thinks he is rushing because of a time limit to his video. Where as some videos I feel like they are and I really would have loved for them to have explained some things to me a little more.

Oh, this one I LOVE. You actually ASK a question and they ANSWER BACK!! Within 48 HOURS!!!!

There is a lot more I love about this online tutorial page, but I think I will let you hop on over and discover it for yourself now…

So go on check out that video above and then Click the links to his page. You will love it just as much as I do.. Oh and by the way go check out the ones that are YET to come. OH MY GOSH a motor bike tutorial. Oh YEAH…. Looking forward to that!!

Cheers Naomi xx

Posted on June 30, 2014 by Naomi’s Shaken and Baken

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Thanks Naomi for such an awesome review of Yeners Way – Cake Art Tutorials!

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  1. Toni OGrady says:

    Naomi, you are like me. I too subscribe to 4 video sites. I too came across Yener on Facebook then I remembered seeing his logo along Bermuda St. at Burleigh. I also remembered seeing the logo when they were on the opposite side of Bermuda St and at Southport.
    Yes, I joined free to start with and watch the transporting of the wedding cake. Then I made the plunge of an annual subscription.
    I love the way Yener finds simple things to use as cake decorating equipment. I just love the way Yener explains everything and is so thorough.
    Thank you Yener for being local and for the videos they are superb!

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