Serdars Yener’s Annual Message 2016

Hello to all our members, subscribers, followers, associates and dear friends.

Christmasy feelings are all around us again. It is so different than any other time of the year. It reminds us that now is time to clean up our surroundings and that now we should be extra nice to each other and get closer. It reminds us that we should look back upon the past 12 months and see all the rights and wrongs, and also to look forward to a new year with more hope to be better. No matter how religious or commercial Christmas is, it has so much goodness that brings us all together.

First I would like to look back upon our 12 months and share with you some highlights of 2016. Apart from the recent expected loss of Serkan’s mother in law which was quite upsetting, I want to thank God for all my family members getting through the year with health and happiness.

Yeners Way continues to welcome a substantial number of new members with a healthy growing rate which is always very motivating for me. As I mentioned in my message last year, we sold our factory in June which was 30 km away from home and set up a fully equipped studio at home. I am so happy that we don’t have to drive everyday for 1.5 hours any more. Also to be able to concentrate mainly on tutorials is more enjoyable, especially at my age. I would like to thank all our members in the past 3 years since we started, for making this dream possible.

We’ve made our first joint venture with Polen Food Oceania and endorsed their Rolled Fondant by placing my handsome face on the product. I proudly believe in Vizyon Rolled Fondant’s quality and use it in most of my tutorials now. Through this joint venture we have successfully participated in several seminars and exhibitions as well. Next year, I will be on the stage a lot more with these activities starting with the International Cake Show Brisbane in February, and the Cake Bake & Sweets Show in Sydney and Melbourne. There are also national and state seminars with associations already scheduled. I thought I could be a little more relaxed when I only do tutorials but it appears that this is not the case. I am busier than ever but happy to be so.

The plan for next year is to take care about my health which is quite necessary when I am trying to be on the same stage with young cake decorating boys and girls. I am also aiming to improve on our video quality by getting some more equipment and to produce more tutorials that cover wider range of techniques. The bag is quite full and I promise to take more things out one by one and share with you guys, my dear members.

I would also like to say don’t forget the unfortunate kids in war and the people who need bread while we happily decorate cakes. Feel for peace and feel for whole world while we still have it.

So that is all from me guys for this year message God bless you all. Thank you for having me for one more year and thank you sooooo much for making Yeners Way part of your online learning experience. On behalf of my family and myself, we wish you and your family the best Christmas ever and a most happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Your Chef
Serdar Yener

About the Author

Chef Serdar Yener has over 40 years of experience in cake decorating. His vast international experience & artistic talent has been acknowledged by his peers both in Australia and abroad. He has competed in International competitions and been awarded "Best Pastry Artist" in Igeho, Switzerland 1987 & “Best Pastry Chef” in Singapore, Food Asia 1990. His Sugar centerpieces are displayed in museums at Champagne in France, Culinary Art Museum in Switzerland & The National Museum in Singapore. Serdar has also judged at major culinary competitions in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and USA World Pastry Championships. After years of leading pastry operations in many international 5 star hotels in Europe and Asia, he moved to Gold Coast, Australia in 1992 and opened his family business to produced thousands of wedding and novelty cakes. In April 2014, Serdar and his son Serkan founded Yeners Way Online Cake Art Tutorials. An online cake tutorial website where he publishes detailed video cake decorating tutorials that make it possible for almost anyone to replicate his amazing creations. Since then he has connected with thousands of subscribers worldwide and is delighted to impart his knowledge of accumulated tips and tricks with the next generations of cake decorators.


  1. Kathleen Carcione says:

    Thank you chef, for all of the time energy and effort you put into your instruction videos. I still consider myself a novice in your world of cake decorating and your direction is easy to understand and follow. Two years ago I made the “Frozen” 3D doll cake for my granddaughter s. While not up to your standards, my point is that I WAS able to accomplish under your precise direction. Thank you, stay healthy and happy. God bless you!

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Thanks Kathleen, for your kind wishes.

  2. Nancy Buttino says:

    Dear Serdar,
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you also. I would like to thank you for all the wonderful tutorials you give us each month. I wish I could be in your kitchen and watch you as you create all these beautiful cakes. I am so happy you are able to shorten your travel time and take better care of yourself, we would like you around for a long time.
    Thank you,

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Thanks Nancy, likewise. Thanks for your kind wishes.

  3. Elfenrots says:

    Daar Chef, Francine has already expressed very nicely in her comment, I could not do it better! Thank you for the past year, I look forward to the new year! Best wishes!

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Thank you very much.

  4. Francine - The Garden Baker says:

    Best of wishes to you and your family, Chef Yener, for a wonderful New Year filled with good health, happiness, prosperity and many more wonderful tutorials 🙂

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      Thanks . I will try my very best to produce as many as possible.

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