Cake Central Interview with Serdar Yener

Recently, Serdar made a tutorial of a wedding cake inspired by Bernini’s Louis XIV bust. The cake was requested by Cake Central to be part of their Bernini issue of Cake Central Magazine Volume 8 Issue 1 that was recently published.

After submitting the images for the magazine, Jackie Shaffer from Cake Central requested to interview Serdar about the making of the cake and they published the interview on the Cake Central blog as their latest ‘Sketch to Cake’ feature. The tutorial, ‘Wedding Cake Inspired By Bernini’s Louis XIV Bust’ is currently being processed and will be published soon.

Here’s the link to the article…
Sketch to Cake: Serdar Yener’s Wedding Cake Inspired By Bernini’s Louis XIV Bust

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  1. ETTE Enna says:

    Bonjour monsieur je suis heureux de pouvoir vous suivre, je suis débutante en pâtisserie grâce à vous je veux continuer à apprendre. Cela fait un mois je n’arrive pas à faire la pâte en sucre pouvez vous m’aidez merci. Enna

    1. Serdar Yener says:

      quel genre de pâte à sucre vous référez

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