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It’s been a requested feature for a long time and we are happy to announce that it’s now possible to change the playback speed of all tutorials at Yeners Way. Slow it down so you don’t miss anything, or speed it up through the repetitive parts. Simply use the small gear icon on the bottom right of the video and you will see a ‘Speed’ option there. Here’s a screenshot…

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  1. Lezlee Carnivale says:

    I so love watching your videos. I learn so much from them!! I am a self taught cake decorator. I would love to be able to get your cakenote program but I can’t afford to pay for it at this time as I live paycheck to paycheck. I would love to have your input on my work if you would. My cake page on Facebook is Mysticdreamer’s Cake’s. I look forward to hearing from you & watching more videos!! Thanks for all you do! Lezlee A. Carnivale

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