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If you’ve registered an account here at Yeners Way, you probably already know that you have a public profile. One of the things your profile allows you to do is to set up social icons to help people connect with you.
Maybe you own a cake business and you want to link back to your business website, maybe you want people to see your cake creations on Pinterest or maybe you just want people to be able to say “Hi” to you on Facebook or via email. Whatever your preference, you’ll be glad to know that you can display your social links on your profile so others can learn more about you and your cake artistry.
To set up your social links, just click on Profile->Edit->Links on your profile navigation bar (see the image above) and fill in the fields that you want to share. You will then see a row of social icons just below your cover photo. Whatever you leave blank will not be displayed in the row of icons.

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