Your Display Options

Your Display Options

If you’ve joined Yeners Way recently, you may have noticed that there are a few settings you can set up on your profile. For example, your own avatar, a cover image, a blurb about yourself, etc. There is also a tab under your profile where you can set your ‘Display Options’. These are some elements that you can show and hide in relation to your account on Yeners Way. There is just a small issue I wanted to bring your attention to regarding these display options.


Although we have been building it for a while now, Yeners Way is still brand new at the time of writing this. We are constantly working on it, improving and making changes to it daily. One small issue that we have encountered is where users are uploading their avatars or cover images and they are not being updated properly on their profiles.

This problem is related to the ‘Display Options’ page. To fix this, just head over to your ‘Display Options’ page and simply click the ‘Save Changes’ button. This will put all your settings into effect and it only needs to be done once, so after the first time you do this, all your display options will work as they should. Yes, this is supposed to work by default, but it’s a technical issue we are looking at and we hope to resolve it in the near future.

So to summarise, after you have logged in to your account, go to your ‘Display Options’ page under your profile and click the ‘Save Changes’ button to make everything take effect and work properly. Once you have done that, all your display options will work as they should.

Serkan Yener

About the Author
I was as a full time cake artist for over 15 years, helping to create thousands of wedding cakes and celebration cakes. Now its all about Yeners Way and I enjoy drawing, digital art, web design and web development and coding.
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  • Debra Carter

    I’m new to how to put up a web site or page to sell Yerners Tutorials I don’t know how to get one started any suggestions? Thanks in advance

  • Avatar

    08-09-2019 When trying to send an email via this website’s Contact Page; the ReCapture Image will not display. Without keying in the code from the ReCapture Image, I cannot sent the email. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  • Avatar

    I have tried to upload an avatar photo from my own photos but it loads sideways… there any reason for that?…..I am using an iPad is that a problem…thanks in advance.

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    Hi YW, need your help here, this is maybe stupid question but how can I display my work here for members gallery ? do I have to pay for this ?
    Ta, Medy

    • Avatar

      Hi Medy,
      Thanks for your question.
      Uploading your cakes and pictures to your profile and to the Member’s Gallery is completely free. When you are viewing your profile, there is a horizontal menu below your cover photo. Click on the ‘Media’ tab and you will see options to upload images there. All uploaded images will automatically show up in the Member’s Gallery. If you need any more information, please feel free to ask. Hope this was helpful. Thanks!

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    How can I contact the site by private email without my comments appearing publicly on the site?

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