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We have an affiliate program here at Yeners Way that could offer some healthy rewards to those who spread the word about us. If you want to learn more about it please visit our affiliate program information page.

Heres what the widget looks like for our Cute Farm Animals Cake tutorial...

Heres what the widget looks like for our Cute Farm Animals Cake tutorial

We want to make it super easy for our active affiliates to do their thing so we created a special Affiliate Tools widget. To see this widget, you must be logged in and you may need to change your Display Options settings so that your Affiliate Tools widget is set to ‘Show’. Once those 2 requirements are met, the widget will show up in the right sidebar of any of our premium tutorial pages.

Basically, this widget will contain a bunch of different sized banners specific to that tutorial that will be preloaded with your unique affiliate ID. So all you have to do is just copy the code, and paste it on your blog or website. The widget will also contain standard text links that you can use as well.

Sites like Facebook and Pinterest won’t actually allow you to post affiliate links in your posts and pins. If you have a WordPress website/blog of your own, and you want to use the standard text affiliate links on social network sites like Facebook or Pinterest, you can use a plugins like Pretty Link or Simple URL. These plugins will basically allow you to just share a link to your own site that will redirect through your affiliate link to Yeners Way.

By far the most effective way to promote Yeners Way is to write a review or recommendation in the form of a blog post/article, which contains your affiliate link/s. This way, you will receive traffic through search engines as well as being able to share your post on social networks with no limitations.

If anyone is interested in more information on our affiliate program or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

About the Author

I was as a full time cake artist for over 15 years, helping to create thousands of wedding cakes and celebration cakes. Now its all about Yeners Way and I enjoy drawing, digital art, web design and web development and coding.


  1. Naomi Hung says:

    Thank you so much I found out how to do that very EASIEST!!! I will for sure write up a blog to day on this site ^_^ I have found so much information and helpful little tips that are AMAZING!! Not only do you show tips if you HAVE the tools but great for if you do not have the tools!! I am so happy to be a annul member finely as of last night hahhaah

    1. Serkan Yener says:

      Thanks so much for becoming a member! We are glad to have you here!
      Hope we can continue to bring you great value, awesome tutorials and helpful tips in the coming year.
      Look forward to seeing your post on your website/blog 😀

  2. Naomi Hung says:

    I am interested please 🙂 I have just opened up a blog on my website 😀 How may I go about this please and more information etc…

    1. Serkan Yener says:

      Hi Naomi, Great!
      All you need to do is go to your ‘Display Options’, which you can find in the ‘My Account’ drop down in the header. Then check that the ‘Affiliate Tools Widget’ is set to ‘Show’. Then just head over to any of our premium tutorials and you should see the widget at the bottom of the sidebar. You can then just copy the code for whichever banner you like and paste it on your blog 🙂 Let me know if you have any trouble. Thanks!

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