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An Online Cake Decorating School with a library of 209 (and counting) online cake decorating tutorials taught by Chef Serdar Yener.

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Latest Tutorials

3D Matryoshka Doll Cake - $29.95

816 Views1 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a 3D Matryoshka Doll cake.

Handyman Cake - $34.95

1.20K Views0 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make the perfect cake for a handyman.

Candelabra Bombe Alaska Cake - $34.95

4.04K Views8 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a Bombe Alaska cake in the theme of a candelabra.

Karate Girl Cake - $34.95

5.93K Views2 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a sugar cake topper of a human figurine in a Karate kicking pose.

Genie in a Lamp Centrepiece - $49.95

10.37K Views11 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a gravity defying centrepiece of a Genie coming out of a lamp.

Taj Mahal Cake - $49.95

8.14K Views13 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make the Taj Mahal!

3D Christmas Candle Cake - $34.95

6.74K Views3 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a large 3D Christmas Candle Cake

Pool Table Cake - $39.95

5.57K Views0 Comments Reviews

Learn how to make a 3D Pool Table and a sugar figurine of a man playing pool.

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Almost all cake decorating tutorials come with hand-crafted templates and blueprints to help you achieve what you have learned.
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